Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another Success of "Gun-Free Zones!"

A few thoughts on the Denny's shooting in Pismo's the skinny from the Mercury News:
Gunman kills two, then self at Pismo Beach Denny's

Three people are dead and two are wounded after a man entered the Pismo beach Denny’s restaurant shortly after noon today.

Police and witnesses say the man, whose name and age have not been released, entered the restaurant and shot four people with a semi-automatic gun and a revolver before shooting and killing himself.
As most of you know, California is a certified "Gun-Free Zone." Carry permits are issued on a hit-and-miss basis based on counties, and most counties (think LA) issue no carry permits at all. Loaded firearms in cars are not allowed without a valid carry permit. San Fran banned handguns. You can read the whole sad can of worms here.

The net result of California's war on firearms is the Denny's shooting — bad man with a gun; good people without guns.

Obviously, I travel to California a lot, since that's where The Outdoor Channel lives. I tiptoe through the state, because it's the only place I travel where I don't routinely carry a gun. Arguably, it's also the place where I most need one!

Gun control works so well!

PS: Sorry for the lite blogging recently...been both busy and under the weather...a surefire blogging buster!


Anonymous said...

Get well! Don't want to be under the weather in spring!

BTW, what's the latest word on Colt?

Michael Bane said...

All Colt deals fell apart in a huge pile of conflicting needs and wants.

One company tells me they're still "seriously looking" at Colt commercial, but I don't think the looking company has any money, either.

This might be a good time to acquire that S.A.A. or 1911 with the happy pony logo...