Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Midweek Lethargy ALERT!

Yeah, I think it's Wednesday...Lem got killed on The Shield...Jack is getting ready to torture his ex-girlfriend and One True Love in 24...God's in Her heaven; all's right with the world.

I'm finishing up this week's DROPPED SHOT on, of all things, derringers for the SG site...I should have it posted by this afternoon. There's also a nice piece from my pal Dave Arnold on the "rules" for a gunfight. Check it out here. I just sent the Law Dogs at The Outdoor Channel a set of rules which, if approved, will allow me to start giving away guns on the SG site! If I can't do it through the site, I'll use the manufacturers' sites for the giveaways...rather use mine, though.

The first gun to go on the block is going to be a dupe of my SIGARMS Revolution 1911 built for me to use in the Single Stack Classic in April by master gunsmith Bruce Gray. You'll wanna keep your eyes open for this giveaway announcement, since Brucie doesn't do many guns anymore — especially considering that the base guns from SIG are one-offs themselves!

Play your cards right and I'll throw in a pair of blue jeans designed for Muslims — lots of pockets for religious accoutremonts, which will also work for spare magazines!

Alphecca's weekly check on media bias is up. Of course, the big news is whether the Kansas CCW supporters have the votes to override the governor's veto of that state's Shall Issue legislation. I, of course, have nothing to do with Bloody Kansas since my ill-fated speeding ticket.

Still too darn cold to go shooting, although second snowstorm failed to materialize last night.


Anonymous said...

mb--too cold for you?? come visit us!! 82 degrees--warm & sunny here in miami beach!! waiting for you!!!regards, dmd45

Anonymous said...

RE: BATF goes after Custom Gunsmith's:

Sounds like a prelude for setting up a system where every gun that is manufactured prior to being sold has it's internal ballistics forensic markings registered on file. Custom gunsmiths effectively alter the gun's signature by changing parts.....barrel, slide (breechface), extractor, ejector, firing pin (hammer) etc..
Huntsville, AL