Wednesday, March 08, 2006

LE Buckshot/Slugs

You know, I'm too tired to get into this tonight, but we did a series of patterning exercises with regular and various types of law enforcement/reduced recoil buckshot today and I was really surprised. The LE stuff, including the new Hornady #00 and the Remington 8-pellet (vs. the traditional 9 pellet) #00 were just amazing.

As soon as I'm not shot (so to speak), I'm going to write this up on the SHOOTING GALLERY site, because I think it may change your mind about derfensive shotgun loads. It certainly has mine...

BTW, go by the site to ready Walt Rauch's great piece on Old Time 1911 Accuracy! The new SG site is really starting to shape's drawing great traffic, and you going to be seeing more and more original material.


Anonymous said...

I have run the Remington 8 and 9 pellet loads through my 870P. The 8 pellet patterned much better than did the 9 pellet loads.

How did the Hornady stack up along side the Remington 8 pellet?

Anonymous said...


I used to think the "reduced recoil" loads were useles in the real world but the Remington reduced recoil 8 pellet OO loads are outstanding. I was extremely impressed by the patterns we shot today at Gunsite. Combined with a Vang Comp barrel, this is an amazing combination.



Anonymous said...

With standard 9 pellet there would many times be one unpredictble flyer the 8 pellet fixes that.

Reduced recoil buck seems to penetrate nearly as deep, with less pattern dispersement.

Low recoil buck and slugs are the way to go for me! Faster on target shots = more stopping power.

Michael Bane said...

I second Ed & Steve here...a Vang comp'ed gun and low recoil buck (and slugs) shoots pretty much like a 20 gauge with 7 1/2's just not that big a deal.

This week also has me re-evaluating my "house load," which is birdshot. The closest house to me is almost 100 yards away, though woods, at a down angle with a road that blocks most of it. I'm going to think about it a little more, but I'm thinking that 8-pellet #00 may be the way to go, because it gives me a little more range that the birdshot should I have to shoot out of the house.

I come awya from the GUNSITE 260 class with a renewed respect for the plain old pump gun!


Anonymous said...

When you explore these new loads for the show, don't forget to take a look at the Hornady TAP rounds.

I have come to think of it as Vang Comp in a box. With that proprietary wad cup they licensed from CHOKE, my Win 97 cyldinder holds a 14-16" pattern at 40 yards and my Benelli will do the same with their auto rounds. I think they are way ahead of all these new tactical rounds in terms of keeping a pattern together and extending the useful range of buckshot in any gun, even those without the Vang job.

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