Thursday, March 23, 2006

TOTALLY COOL Bike/Pistol Biathlon

This is definitely a sport whose time SHOULD come — bicycle/pistol "biathlons!" Here's the FAQ.

I talked to the race series organizer, Bill Llewelen, a year or so ago about an episode of SHOOTING GALLERY but nevercould get the schedule worked out. Hopefully we can put something together for Season 6, because this has the potential to be a really great addition to the shooting sports:
Bike N Shoot Biathlon

Are you looking for a fun event that will motivate you to improve your shooting and cycling skills? Look no further. Come join us at the next Bike N Shoot biathlon event.

Where: Just northeast of Denver, CO (map and directions)
When: The 1st Saturday of every 2nd month (see calendar). Race starts at 11am sharp. Arrive 1 hour early. There may be time to practice shooting beforehand.
Who: Anyone who would like to improve their cycling (fitness) or shooting skills. This is a family-friendly race. No riding expertise required, but we don't compromise on gun safety. Men, women and responsible children.
What: Any mountain bike will do. Nothing fancy required. Be prepared for thorns (perhaps use tire slime or tire liners). Almost any pistol will do (No optics. Pistol calibre ammunition only. 2 extra magazines or revolver speed loaders are handy.) If your competitor class permits .22 rifles, then use a rifle with open sights only.
How much: $10 per competitor per race. RSVP discounts may be offered. Join our email list to receive reminders and RSVP discounts.
Contact us: Call 303 795 9677 and ask for Bill or email bill (at) bikenshoot (dot) com.
Dick Heinie and I talked about this for years, tagging a bike/shoot to the Single Stack Classic or the USPSA Nationals in Quincy, IL. I did a couple of Summer Biathlons, run and shoots, and I have to say it nearly killed me. The races were run at almost 10,000 feet altitude and I am a crappy runner on my best day.

At the very least, I'll haul my lazy butt out and try one of the races. I sold my Cannondale mountain bike end of last summer, with the idea of building up a beefy cyclocross bike, since most of my off-road riding is on jeep roads or non-technical trails. I figure I can set up a 'cross bike with a triple chainring, disc brakes and fat 'cross tires to handle the vast majority of my riding.

Sounds like just such a bike would be perfect for the Bike N Shoot...

And before you say anything, yes, I'm in better shape than I look...this is how one gets named Second Most Fit Fat Guy in America by MEN'S HEALTH Magazine a few years ago.



Billll said...

Thanks for the plug. :-)
I had someone tell me that they had 2 bikes, one with suspension, but no working brakes, and one with brakes, but without suspension. I recommend the suspension.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed an awesome Bike N Shoot biathlon north of Denver today, April 21, 2007. Great weather. No mud. One flat tire (some cactus thorns -- remember to use tire liners and/or slime). Post-ride hot dog / burger BBQ on site.

Riders came from as far north as Wyoming and as far south as Colorado Springs. Keep your eye on the web site ( to find out when the next race is scheduled.

BTW, it was nice to see three new junior riders competing today.

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