Friday, March 24, 2006

FINALLY! I'm Big In Japan!

I received this email from an old literary agency of mine today:

Hi Michael,

How are you? I'm the Permissions Manager here at Lowenstein-Yost Associates and we've just received a request for a small excerpt of WHITE BOY SINGIN' THE BLUES to be featured in a booklet that is being distributed at St. Andrew's University, Japan. They will be distributing it for free to approximately 50,000 students, and they are offering to pay $100. I'll be delighted to accept on your behalf, as soon as I get your "OK".

I hope all is well, and please send along your contact information when you can.

Very best, [etc]
Finally! I'm BIG IN JAPAN! Totally cool Japanese schoolgirls with orange hair and bizarre electronic gear with "Hello Kitty" logos will have to take a test on my profound words! I can live large! After agent fees, taxes and miscellaneous expenses, I anticipate having to pay $20 American Money to make the Big Bucks! Is it any wonder so many people aspire to be writers? keeps one warm at night...