Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Big Dose of Murph...

Spent today on the range in California with ace instructor Bill Murphy, whose first book — Bill Murphy's CONCEALED CARRY SURVIVAL GUIDE — is on the way to the printer. I thought it'd be cool to both plug the book and let Bill step everyone through the basics of concealed carry.

I did point out how ironic is was that we're in California, one of the few states I can't carry in. Drives me crazy, like I left my wallet in the room or something. California firearms laws are Draconian even for guns in the, no you can't have one there!

I mean, the weather's nice, but I've been in lots of places with nice weather.

I've got enough time to hit the gym before dinner. As soon as Murph's book is available, you'll beable to get it (with a discount, no less!) from the SHOOTING GALLERY supersite.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this show. I can't wait till his book is out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the show, we feel your pain about California since we live here. It's insane. We keep trying to vote in teh good guys, but it seems the Pro 2A California citizens (there actually are a lot of us) forget to show up on voting day year after year.