Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Kangaroo Dookey for Brains, and Other Comments from Down Under

And speaking of men with brains consisting entirely of hoppy animal crap, a few words from Australian Prime Minister John Howard:
"I did not want Australia to go down the American path," he said.

"There are some things about America I admire and there are some things I don't.

"And one of the things I don't admire about America is their ... slavish love of guns. They're evil."
Yeah, that's right, Bubba...pour yourself a Foster's and pretend you're smarter than wombat on crank. We may stage an expedition to Australia later this year, to show some Australians slavish love of guns! I'll bet there's more than you think

And what are Howard's loyal subjects doing? How about, obtaining guns by any means possible. This from the Courier-Mail:
Gun ownership explodes

GUN ownership is on the rise in Queensland with evidence the tough restrictions introduced after the Port Arthur massacre nearly a decade ago are losing their effectiveness.

Despite bans on certain types of weapons and a successful buyback and amnesty, police figures show there are more firearms in the community now than three years ago.
Have you ever noticed there's nothing more pathetic than faux-Brits, except possibly faux-French?


Patrick Sweeney said...

Unless it is faux-intellectuals. So, you ban guns to reduce crime, and ten years after (good band, by the way) crime is up, gun crime is up, and the criminals are doing a land-office business in guns.

Anyone with brains would say "This ain't working, we need to change." The faux-intellectual says "This isn't working, so we need to do more of it."

Anonymous said...

Slavish love of guns? That explains it - I am in Human Bondage to inanimate objects , they own me not me owning them .glad this moron Howard clarified this to me.

Anonymous said...

Paging Mark Itzstein. Mr. Itzstein?

Mark rocks with revolver and comes to the US to shoot the Steel Challenge. Wonder what his take is on this.

SG in Australia? Can I be a production assistant? I work for cheap.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I stayed at the tavern where the massacre happened my first six weeks in Australia.

You wanna talk about one peesed off little grrl - tis a good thing they didn't allow to us have our guns or those banananucks I was with woulda not made it home again.

Okay - back to Bane now - I'm done interrupting!

Anonymous said...

Whats a "faux-Brit"? Speaking as a real one, i'm curious....

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