Sunday, March 05, 2006

Okay...That's Funny!

The Oscar opening montage of what "real" cowboy movies were like...

Am off to GUNSITE tomorrow oh-dark-DARK-thirty for the 260 Combat Shotgun class with Bill Murphy. We're also going to go to Winter Range for COWBOYS..."I wish I could quit that Mr. Tequila! Where's my sheeps?"

More from Prescott!!!

PS: Sent the Flat-Top to Dave Clements for restoration.

GOOD HEAVENS! I can't believe I'm listening to that POSTURING ASSHOLE George Clooney! Actors don't really think they're anything more than the human equivalent of toilet paper, do they? Brief relief, followed by a pull of the ole lever...Eric Cartman has more political sensibility than George Clooney on this best day, and is cuter to boot. I live for the day computer simulations replace these toads!


Timmeeee said...

Stick to the subject of guns please, it's what you know best.

Anonymous said...

Would that Clooney truly were a man of constant sorrow.

Anonymous said...

I like the blog. talk about whatever you want. The gun stugg can get posted on the SG site and Sweelney and Walt are good additions, now just get the podcasts done so I can hear the rest of the Cooper Interview.

Anonymous said...

You know, it's funny.

Somehow, I've managed to not watch a single second of "The Oscars" for about the last seven years now.

It's easy.........just change the channel.

Anonymous said...

Watching the Oscars is in the same vein for me as picking at a scab. I know I shouldn't and I don't really wanna, but I do.

Anonymous said...

No point in suffering fools, gladly or otherwise. I don't go to their movies so why would I want to watch their self-serving award show?

Be honest, how many of those movies had you even heard of much less seen? How many of those "movie stars" could act their way out of a wet paper bag?

I think it was Sam Goldwin (MGM) that once said "If you want to send messages, call Western Union." When they make movies that people want to see the theaters fill up and they get to make lots of money. Just why a studio will even make a movie they have to know is never going to turn a profit (even direct to video) escapes me.

Anonymous said...

"I wish I could quit that Mr. Tequila!"

If that doesn't count as too much info, I don't know what does.
I'm *sure* Richard is thrilled!
(though he does look pretty natty in a duster...)


Anonymous said...

Member of the family did some acting before he went off to college. Many of the "lesser" actors, those who don't get top billing, are pretty conservative, as are a great many of the back-stage crews. Of course, there's always Tom Selleck and Bo.