Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Now Here's a Collectable Shotgun...and Other News

Check out this sawed-off beauty!
Why is there a sawed-off shotgun on the International Space Station? To fight Alien invaders? In case of war on Earth so the Cosmonauts can kill the US Astronauts? NO.

Read the following paragraph and you will see that Russians take the Wolf problem very seriously:

“In 1965, two cosmonauts overshot their touchdown site by 1,200 miles and found themselves deep in a forest with hungry wolves. That's when Russian space officials decided to pack a sawed-off shotgun aboard every spacecraft. It took Russian search crews more than two hours to locate the spacecraft and another two hours for helicopters to get support crews to the landing site.”
Shotgun-wise, my arm and shoulder are BEATEN TO DEATH! We started the day with about 65 slugs, at ranges of 20-100 yards. Then we shifted to #00 bucks, about 300 rounds of it...ouchie!

After lunch, I switched from my plain-vanilla 870 to one of Hans Vang's Super De-Luxe 870s...really a nice shotgun! Built on this guy, it features Hans' patented comp barrel, his special rifle sights, his dome-shaped special safety (which takes a little getting used to, to be sure) and his otehr bells and whistles. I've decided I'm going to order one just like, because it is a superb defensive shotgun.

Gotta go schmooze...


Anonymous said...

What's up with the stock on that Ruskie shotgun?


Anonymous said...

The Ruskies better not land on American soil. They'll be woefully undergunned going against the BATFaggots.