Monday, March 06, 2006

Oh My God They Killed Edgar...

...the bastards! I gotta say, 24 remains my favorite guilty pleasure. You gotta love a show where Jack Bauer shows a suspect's wife in the knee to get him to talk. But killing Edgar, everyone's favorite, that is harsh!

Been lobbing 12-gauge rounds downrange all afternoon, thankfully mostly birdshot, out of a plain old boring Remington 870. Tomorrow I may shift to one of the trick Remingtons LE the illustrious Greg Foster from Remington Law Enforcement shipped down (along with cases and cases of ammunition, bless his little heart!).

Am using the SIG P225 as the transition pistol...Instructor Bill Murphy said he got one just like it for his daughter, since it's a girly pistol. Most everybody else is LE and has Glocks; the tactical guys have 1911s. Kimbers are very popular. It is GUNSITE, after all. Murphy is a great instructor...he's got a CCW book/DVD package coming out in a couple of months, and I think we're goign to feature his ideas on the show.

I've already picked up some really good tips on working an 870, which I'll try to convey in the show when we film. And, yes, I'll show you Greg's trick stuff, too...

BYW, I sent the Ruger Flat-Top off the Dave Clements at Clements Custom Guns this AM with a list that includes:

• Replace/repair ejector rod and button
• Fit oversize base pin
• Trigger job
• Recrown muzzle/recut forcing cone
• Replace ejector housing with steel replacement
• Color caseharden frame/high polish blue remainder of gun
• Jewel hammer
• "Touch up" anodized frame
I decided to leave the gun in .357 and keep the 4 5/8 barrel. It'll be a keeper!

I'm also going to talk to Hans Vang tomorrow about him building me a really nice pump shotgun. Hans has been after me to send him an 870 for years and years, and he does build one heck of a shotgun...ask the door-kickers in Afghanistan and Iraq! Not only is he a great guy, but his gunsmithing shop in Chino Valley (just south of GUNSITE) is across the street from a really good Mexican restaurant...more than this you can't ask!

BTWBTW, am getting GREAT response on the new SHOOTING GALLERY site! Several people have mentioned how great it is to have internet access for some of Walt Rauch's great writing. be sure to check it out...AND SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER, TOO!


Anonymous said...

how can edgar really be gone? maybe some magic antidote will turn up--or he can return with president palmer to star in allstate commercials!! your sigarms segment on SG last nite was one of your very best!! regards from warm & sunny Miami--dmd45

Anonymous said...

That's one thing I love about 24..they kill off major characters all the if they get rid of "Rudy"....:)

David said...

The Sigarms episode was another in what's turning out to be a really excellent season. Great job!

I especially appreciated you showing us your personal 225 at the end!

Anonymous said...

They ought to kill off Jack and have him fix Hell in 24 hours next season...

Speaking of Sigs, did anyone from the blog win that Sig drawing back in Jan/Feb? I know I didn't, but was hoping someone else with sophistication and discernment had.

Rem870 said...

I always liked what Vang Comp Systems make with Remington 870 shotguns. VCS magazine follower and oversized safety are very popular too. But their sidesaddle and magazine extension are too expensive for me.