Saturday, March 08, 2008

Alyson Hannigan Woship!

FCC Okays Nudity On TV If It’s Alyson Hannigan

She'll always be Willow to me!


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Anonymous said...

I've maintained she has unrecognized hotness ever since the evil Willow episodes of Buffy..Most specifically the ones where she was wearing the black leather.

But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Missed the black leather. Damn!

This one time, at band camp . . .

Actually, I thought the end of AP#1 was best -

Say my name!
- face slap -
Say my name, bitch!!!

And that was Alyson saying it!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the Black Leather!! YOWS-ER!!

Unknown said...

The episodes you are referring to are Buffy Season 3 episode 9-The wish-and episode 16-Doppelgangland. Both episodes have evil vampire willow and IMHO show Alyson at her hottest. Also Doppelgangland has some of Alysons funniest moments-like "I think I'm kinda gay" and "Oh,would you look at those!" when she wears vampire willows push-up leather top.