Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Mellow Evening

My Sweetie is in Denver for a dinner with the girls, so I had a low-key dinner of warmed turkey meatloaf and a reasonably good shiraz from Coppola, shared (not the wine!) by the parrots, Alf the Wonder Beagle and Pokee-San the tailess cat. Tres domestic!

I spent some time at the LGS, Gunsport Colorado, picking up a set of Leupold rings for a rifle I'm having built by Dave Sullivan at Westwind Rifles in Erie, CO. Sorry, no website, but Dave is well known as a champion high-power shooter and a builder of superb long-distance rifles. Dave's cleaning up a .300 Remington Ultra Mag on a Remington 700 Sendero I had, with an old Springfield scope. The rings were too short (mispackaged, strangely enough), but there is something profoundly relaxing about sitting around a small gunsmithy talking guns with an unpretentious expert. Reminded me of the first time my father took me to a gunsmith's shop in Memphis...sort of like a wizard's den that smelled like Hoppes instead of boiled bat wing.

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Anonymous said...

Such are the simple pleasures of life! Often, I find that times like that are actually the most memorable, except for meeting my sweety and getting my first 1911!
Michael, have you ever tried Ted Nugent's recipe for venison meatloaf? I've tried almost every type of meat as a substitute in that recipe and it still comes out great. Turkey is right up there. The recipe is in his cookbook "Kill it and Grill It!"
Keep up the good work that you're doing.
Life Member