Monday, March 10, 2008

Warning! Sexist Comment Alert!

Appeared this AM on the Strategy Pages under the headline, "Not your father's Ukranian Army."

Indeed...I dare you to say anything about "surrendering..."

PS: The woman in the slingbacks in row two is probably Ukranian Very Special Forces...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael! Can I get drafted over there? :)

Anonymous said...

I wanta be the DRILL Sergeant! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, I would surrender!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Little known fact there, Normie... er... Michael;

Those black slingbacks are actually 5.11 Tactical Heels.

Made of a blend of glass-reinforced polymer, carbon fiber, kevlar, and unobtainium these heels are lightweight, strong, bullet-resistant, and go with everything.

One of these Ukrainian troops can smite a platoon of Russian Federation regulars.

You don't mess with Ukrainian Shoe-fu.

Anonymous said...

Imagine them in t-shirts and BDUs.

Anonymous said...

I wanna be the camera-guy! ;-)

me said...

Can they still be imported into the states via mail order?

I'll take two.

Anonymous said...

PS: The woman in the slingbacks in row two is probably Ukranian Very Special Forces...

MB, the snow has frozen your eyeballs. Check out the front row right, uh, soldier? Her shoes are right out of tarts-R-us. But damn, I do like them.

Anonymous said...

Overheard in the crowd -

Daddy, Daddy, why is that man on the ground with a camera?

Jerry The Geek said...

This is not your father's Army! Or my Army either, although I wish to GOD it had been!

-- in the supposed words of Larry Elder, via your following post

And in my own words: "Hot DAMN!"

Anonymous said...

"We fight as one!.....singular sensation, every step that we take. One thrilling combination ...."

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