Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hillary on Gun Control

Whoops! One of the Dem fighting cocks (so to speak) accidently said something about gun control! This is Hillary in the Dallas Morning News this AM:
Clinton wants meeting of the minds about gun laws

AUSTIN – Hillary Rodham Clinton, locked in a fierce battle for Texas, said Monday that as president, she would not try to impose New York-like gun restrictions at the national level.

Mrs. Clinton said in an interview with The Dallas Morning News that she would like to see bans on assault weapons and the end of loopholes that allow weapons to be sold at gun shows without required background checks.
Isn't it interesting that the Dems always say "meeting of the minds" when what they mean is "You miserable whacko SOBs need to come around the the 'civilized' viewpoint or we'll sic' the UN on your redneck butts?"

I'd say it's a good time to buy ARs, AKs and lots and lots of "normal" capacity magazines!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like "I'll be nice and let you play with some of your toys (maybe). After all mamma knows best."


Anonymous said...

Time to buy lots of burlap and quicklime.

Anonymous said...

As of this moment: She ain't a-takin Texas either!

TexGun said...

Well, i guess i'll be making my ong awaited AR purchase this week. The primary results here in Texas are killing me!

Anonymous said...

I would hope we're way past the time when what someone from New York said in Texas was believed.

Hillary and Rudy were both unelectable east of the Hudson. It's most likely going to come down to a candidate from Illinois and another from Arizona It won't take long on any gun rights web site to see which (again) is the lesser of two evils.

What I'd really like to see is for those of us who "suit up" every day and exercise our Second Amendment rights in defense of our Constitution work hard to promote winning candidates from each party so that we don't find ourselves reduced to single-issues in future campaigns. I'm thinking on the Democrat side of guys like Jon Tester from Montana and Jim Webb from Virginia. They're out there and with a replenished stock of fiscal conservatives on the GOP side, we might find ourselves in one of those slack-jawed situations where both candidates take our God given rights as sacred and we can worry about other issues that the liberals and radicals have been far too busy screwing up while we held the bulwark.

The Duck said...

I bought lots of mags when the last Clinton was in.

Anonymous said...

and the difference between a republican anti-gunner and a democrat anti-gunner is...? at least conservatives would oppose bad laws again if a dem wins. look at what they've allowed Bush to do with our liberties.

Anonymous said...

When the "left" gets done, after the gullibles on the "right" fall for the lies (You know, "They'd never take our ________-guns!", or who needs an "assault weapon"?), we'll be talking about joining the National Stick Sharpening Association, because that's all we'll be able to own. Remember Dianne Feinstein's comment, "Mr. and Mrs. America, turn'em in!". And they will go door-to-door to collect them! And they'll have UN backing them, not the Constitution of the United States.
I'm not a "Chicken Little" either. This all happened before to my people, during the Communist Revolution. Once burned, twice shy!
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