Monday, March 31, 2008

Hardy Heads into the Belly of the Beast

Second Amendment scholar and DRTV friend David Hardy will screen his "In Search of the Second Amendment" at the Los Angeles Film Festival this coming Saturday. Go out and give him some moral support! He has a really interesting antigun timeline on his Arms & the Law blog;
Who'd ever have dreamed that someday the two leading Democratic presidential candidates would be claiming they supported the Second Amendment individual right? (Both have fallen back to "but we can regulate it").

I've been involved in this issue for decades, and so have a long term view. It's been steadily downhill for the other side.
As I've said before, outside of a couple of urban areas, there really has never been a national antigun movement. Despite endless media pimping, the "antigun movement" has fewer members than the Flat Earth Society and even less credibility. The exeuctives at the antigun lobby groups no longer believe the papp they're peddling, and as David so lucidly points out, keep asking for less and less (and failing to get even that).


Anonymous said...

My only concern is if either Dem canidate gets elected and pushes through any meaningful legislation (AWB ect) it will be a "shot in the arm" for Brady/VPC ect and they will get increasingly bold and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Im concerned about that that's why Im gonna work like the house is on fire to make sure McCain is elected.

We HAVE to do that even IF Heller goes our way completely.

Sebastian said...

Yep. We do ourselves no favors by letting either of those two in the White House. It has to be McCain, despite all his flaws. He will put better justices on the court. We have a real chance to ensure that we get a broadly interpreted second amendment if we can replace the two most liberal members on the court with conservatives.

Victory is in sight, but we can't afford to be stupid at this point.

Anonymous said...

A friend sent me an internet alert today that made a lot of sense and scared the bejesus out of me. Basic line of thought was that Barack wins the Dem nomination. He can not put the she devil on the ticket as VP. She can not make it as a candidate in eight years down the road either. Too old at 69. So the following deal is cut. BO will drag along a good amount of house and senate seats with him. When BO wins he appoints the she devil to the Supreme Court at the next opening. Her nomination sails thru the Senate. She serves for the next 30 years (until 90 years old) and screws the US of A for the next two generations.

Anonymous said...

NJ Larry,
Now you're scarin' me! I'm glad that you brought it up though. All the more reason to support John McCain.
I wonder if Rush, or Hannity has heard this.
Life Member

Unknown said...

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