Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not Your Uncle's OUTDOOR LIFE!

I'm a little late to this party, but my pals at OUTDOOR LIFE Magazine, who occasionally pay me to write off-the-wall stuff, have this great gallery of, ahem, girls and guns — including the inimitable Linda Hamilton from T2, pictured above.

Yes, yes, we're all going to hell, but really, who cares?


Anonymous said...

Jessica Alba in Sin City takes my vote.

Bran_Jolina's CQT is backwards!

Anonymous said...

Linda was definitely a lean, mean, fighting machine in that movie.

Great photo!

Unknown said...

What? No Ukrainian Spec Ops Shoe-Fu fighters?

Anonymous said...

What? No Angie Dickinson in Big Bad Mama?

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys!

Women in cowboy clothes...with GUNS!!!

Anonymous said...

I see a theme there, most are anti-gun hypocrites who pick up a gun when they think it'll make them some money.

I think I'll stick with the "Blue Press" models, at least they're on our side.

Anonymous said...

Kate Mara in "Shooter" gets my vote.

Joe Allen said...

Hanoi Jane?!?


I'll pass.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you need to turn off your politics and enjoy the view.

Geoff said...

Ahm, Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix Trilogy? Bad list indeed!

TheBronze said...

Notice that in almost every picture, the girls have their fingers on the trigger.


Unknown said...

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