Monday, March 03, 2008

NSSF Changing of the Guard

A surprise from NSSF:
At the National Shooting Sports Foundation's winter board meetings last week, the NSSF Board of Governors accepted President and CEO Doug Painter's request for a change of duties. Painter will become NSSF's Senior Advisor and Trade Liaison and will focus his efforts on delivering NSSF's message and in working to continue to build NSSF's partnerships in the hunting and shooting sports community.

"Recognizing the many challenges we face down the road, I felt the time had come after 35 years to give more focus to building strategic alliances and partnerships that will continue to strengthen the extraordinary unity of our industry that has been at the core of our success," said Painter. Painter will be the primary spokesman for NSSF's outreach to build participation and strengthen industry's political voice. Bob Scott, chairman of the NSSF Board of Governors, said, "We are happy that Doug will continue to be the voice of the foundation and build upon our key alliances in this industry." Painter will continue as president and CEO of the foundation until the Board of Governors appoints a new chief executive officer in the near future.
I've worked wth Doug Painter for years, and he's done an excellent job of steering the organization through some stormy seas (me included!)...if I were to bet, I'd say that veteran Senior Vice-President Chris Dolnack was in line to take over the top spot. Chris comes from S&W and is a solid handgun gun with an understanding of the phenomenal AR market...all of which augers well...

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