Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"American Carol" Trailer


Anonymous said...

"I'm the Angel of Frickn' Death you turd-head"

James said...

Sadly, the pic isn't very funny. A few flashes of brilliance amidst a sea of mediocrity.


It was well worth every cent I spent on seeing it.

I thought it would have been funnier, but some of the jokes were to close to the truth to be funny.

It did my heart good to see the michael moore clone get slapped

Anonymous said...

My daughters took me to it Friday. We agreed, it's not great, but it's good.

Anti-american filmmaker 'Michael Malone' is taken by the ghost of George Patton on a trans-historical tour of failed negotiations and just wars. The left are treated as clueless, but not evil. This is decent stuff, but it just -can't- all be funny.

But the funny parts are for the most part -very- funny.

A short appearance by George Washington (Jon Voight is perfect) actually made me choke up a little (yeah, I'm a puss, but you'd have to see it).

Kevin Farley is very good as a clueless leftie whose assumptions are being challenged minute-by-minute by a world he just doesnt get. A scene where he's on stage, being pelted by food, and suddenly hit by a two-by-four, he says in disbelief: 'where'd you even get that?!' is pretty much a metaphor for the whole movie.

The subsequent anvil is just gratuitous :)

Comedy plus conservative case for America, without coming off as a bad after-school special. Not a bad job. If I had middle-school kids, I'd make them watch it twice. I wouldn't blame -you- for waiting for the DVD.