Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ride For the Brand

Just before I went on vacation, I talked to a good friend of mine
whose business is black rifles.

He was telling me about the conversation he'd had with his wife about
his "next" career should b-HO win the day and our worst fears come to

Ronnie Barrett is a close personal friend, as is Randy Luth at DPMS
and Skip Patel at Bushmaster. This is "personal" for me as well as the
biggest RKBA fight of our lives.

The statement on the Cooper Firearms site was disingenuous and
equivocal at the least. The USA Today article had extensive quotes
from Cooper, which he has not repudiated.

This is more of a sideshow than a real issue, but at the very least
Cooper let himself be "used" by our enemies...he did damage, because
he allowed the MSM a small way to divide us and/or imply that ANYONE
who gives a damn about gun rights might support Obama.

Bush make me ill and most of the Republican "platform" are the
rantings of drooling idiots...but Barack Hussein Obama is the real
deal, the worst case we've always known would eventually turn up on
the national stage.

I have said repeatedly that "no babies get thrown off the lifeboat."

Not this time.


Anonymous said...

Judging from what I read on other gun blogs, its just beginning to rain s**t on cooper arms. Let the zumbo begin!!

Jerry The Geek said...

Dude, you need to provide some links.

Anonymous said...

A post on DRTV indicates that the FECC records show Cooper made 11 contributions to b-ho, some well before the current race, meaning that the Hillary connection is not true, or not as true as they would like us to believe.

I have not independently confirmed this, however.

Anonymous said...

The higher ups in the gun biz aren't the only ones pondering a change in career if B-HO wins. I'm seriously considering grabbing an MBA as a parachute out of the contracting, consolidating firearms industry. I seriously enjoy what I do; however a back up plan is looking increasingly necessary.

Anonymous said...

There is no evidence in the public records that he donated anything to the McCain campaign ... the man is spin doctoring ...

Time to take down another Fudd.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he figures to be the "lone jew" left standing after bHO nationalizes the gun industry and ends private sales.

Anonymous said...

Well, I sent my letter, see below. Cooper rifles are EXPENSIVE bolt-actions, so having a bunch of Arfcommers "boycott" the company won't hurt them much. But I actually was planning on buying a few of 'em. Hope this helps them get the message:


Anonymous said...

Oh, and another thing: As far as the constant "McCain supports tax breaks to large corporations that ship jobs overseas" set (which seems to include Mr. Cooper!), the truth is that the government doesn't give them any break for that. These corporations are still subject to the same tax laws that each corporation is. So what are they talking about, that these companies are only taking the same tax deductions the each company is entitled to anyhow? What, are they supposed to do, not get fair treatment under the tax code? Are they supposed to be penalized, just because they don't follow the populist beliefs? Even though I'm retired now, I worked at an international corporation and we didn't have any incentive laid out in front of us to send jobs overseas so that we can get a tax break. That's just another right-wing lie! Take it from me, a man of my word and fully credentialed and qualified to speak to the issue. My job was to get my areas of responsibility competitive and in some case, as painful as it was, that meant buying "foreign" parts. In other cases however, it meant each of us "suckin it up" and working smarter, so that we were the most competitve. Our products now are tied with the Japanese, for quality and they're made mostly by American workers.
Life Member

Anonymous said...

In a reply to my letter, Dan Pickett of Cooper Firearms says the Board has asked Dan Cooper to resign as President. Who knows whether this will change much at the company -- as a private entity the internal structure is unknown. But somebody over there's gotten the message at least!

Cooper Firearms' reply to my letter here: http://www.softgreenglow.com/wp/?p=6633

Anonymous said...

Cooper Firearms may not have much to worry about from shooters like myself. Expensive bolt action rifles arent my cup of tea. However, I will no longer purchase anything from anyone selling Cooper firearms until Mr. Cooper has left Cooper Firearms altogether. Perhaps a boycott of vendors will get their attention to do more than just ask him to leave the company.


Anonymous said...

Posted this elsewhere on MB's blog due to bleary eyes in the morning...

As Jim Shepard notes today in the Outdoor Wire:

While the action is definitive, the firestorm of controversy continues. As bloggers have noted, Cooper's resignation hasn't been announced. As one of the co-founders of the company, there's also a probability that Cooper still owns a stake in the company. One blogger summed up many of the posts regarding Cooper: "I'm sorry, but this is one of those 'I need to see the head on a pike' situations before I'm ready to call it quits."

Me too...