Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Week!

We just wrapped first week's shooting on THE BEST DEFENSE, and, in short, I am freaking very happy...everything is just falling into place. Rob Pincus and Michael Janich are dead on target, and I think you're going to see a totally different self-defense show. Not the same old string of lame tips and cheesy production values, but a new animal under the sun. I'd like to fill you guys in on what we've been filming, but hell, my competition also reads the blog. I'd rather let them have a nice January surprise when TBD premiers.

I did have dinner tonight with Mike Janich, and it was one of those conversations I wish you could all have sat in on...mostly in philosophy of training, antecedents, etc. It was a far-ranging and fascinating conversation with one of the most innovative self-defense thinkers out there. I hope to bring a lot of this thinking into TBD.

I've also been reviewing the new season of SHOOTING GALLERY that will launch 1 January as well, and I think you guys are going to eat this stuff up. we're having fun, and it shows...


Anonymous said...

Good luck with "TBD", Michael. There have been a few good articles written about self defense, but there haven't been any good shows. Even the so-called "schools" miss putting the trainee into a real fight situation. That's hard to do of course, but until you've been under attack, you can't really know what it feels like and how you'll react, let alone know how to react.
I think that "hand-to-hand" training and real shooting back is a key element of the training. I hope that you show that part of the discipline.
Thanks again for the high quality shows that you've reviously brought us.
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Still wish it was on a network all of us could get!

Anonymous said...

It was a Great couple of days, Michael. I really think people are going to enjoy this show and I'm proud to be involved with you on the project. The venues, guest instructors and gear are going to be good, but the body of information that we are putting out about realistic preparation for defense is going to set this show apart!

Geoff said...

Michael, would it be possible to have TBD on iTunes or another pay download site? I really want to see your shows, but I don't want to pay for the big cable package! There's already too much nothing in my TV.