Thursday, October 02, 2008

Snow This Weekend... at the Secret Hidden Bunker in the Rocky Mountains. I would say that impending white stuff has thrown me into a blue funk, but in truth I'm already in a funk. I despair about the state of the country, the election, my apparently permanent virus/head cold, a travel schedule that passed sane a few weeks back, blah blah blah.

Yes, I have the best job in the world...yes, I wouldn't change with anyone...but I worry about what my job will look like in a European-style Socialist America. In 8 years, the end of the second Obama term, will I be railing against "knife and bludgeon control?" Posting blogposts on exciting shooting events for your one allowed .22 rifle? Explaining the "new" rules of self-defense that allocate all violence to the state and prohibit any reaction that might lead to the harming of an individual, even if that individual is mugging you?

Will our hunting shows all focus on the gentry's visits to expensive hunting preserves, far out of the reach of the likes of you and I? Will we have to be careful to remain politically correct in all things, being sure to give animal rights crusaders, now with friends in very high places, their own shows as well? Will we see all public lands posted to shooting and hunting, shooting ranges zoned out of existence, shooting and hunting on private lands regulated until it no longer exists?

Will young people, most of whom will have seen firearms only in increasingly violent first-person shooter games, be thoroughly sick and tired of hearing us "old-timers" talk about practical shooting, about AR-15s, about concealed carry, about being able to walk into a gun store and actually be able to choose from among hundreds of guns?

We we learn to live like today's Europeans live...on our knees? Will we learn just the right way to turn our heads and look at the ground when asked for our papers, please? Will we learn to see the cameras as our friends, the public speakers that shout at us for real or imagined social trangressions as thoughtful helpers, the late-night knock on the door as something that always happens to somebody else, who probably deserved it?

Will we get used to the confiscatory tax rates, the income redistribution that rewards sloth and punishes success, the cradle-to-grave government care that smothers our will and our initiative, the medical triage that defines who lives and who dies? Will we object when our own requests for medical care are turned down because we're too old, too disabled, too something? Will we even know when the state decides to pull the plug for our own good, with the best of intentions and the deepest compassion?'s just the cold medication...after all, what could possibly happen in such a short span of 8 years? It's not like the Reich rose, that doesn't work...or like Beirut went from being the "Paris of the Middle East" to a hellish no man's land...nope, that doesn't work either. Yugoslavia? The USSR? Any country in Africa?

Never mind...I'll go take a nap and be my normal cheery self by the afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Well I feel better now...

Anonymous said...

The nap may ease the cold and tiredness but you will still worry about these things as we all do.I think we had better start learning chinese...I hear "rosetta stone"is very good. the mushroomhtnif

Anonymous said...

I am personally sickened by what is in store for us. I have buried not one but two sets of nail clippers and other pointy things in my backyard for when that Red Dawn moment comes !!! Wolverines !!!

George said...

I don't think everything will come to pass as you described, but I do believe you are absolutely correct about an AWB with teeth.

I remember from one of your older podcasts you cited how gay activists took their cause to the mainstream; does anyone remember the group "Act Up!"? I also believe you are on to something there too. Just like anything that changes the paradigm, it starts on the fringe and works it way inward.

We must protect and defend any and all firearms right to exist. For example, I know some 2A supporters do not support the right to own full auto weapons and I believe they have the right to be mistaken on this issue. But it is issues like this one and others where we must stand fast and support the right of others to have these weapons, regardless of need.

I know I am preaching to choir to you. Hell! You are the preacher!


Anonymous said...

If it all comes to pass as we fear, it will be fascinating to watch the left-wing elitists in Hollywood get told "Shut up and sing!", when the facists take over. The irony will be that the biggest supporters of the left-wing movement will find out that they were just being used. That IS what happened in France, after the French revolution. It also went down that way in the USSR and then in Germany. We may all be on our knees as serfs, but the good-lookin' ones from Hollywood will be put on their knees for an entirely different reason. So, some good may come from all of this.
How sad.

Anonymous said...

Everyone keep your fingers crossed. The court has not dismissed the lawsuit yet that is pressing BHO on his citizenship. Check out the website the suing lawyer has. Expect a ruling soon.

Anonymous said...

Do not get down.

Do not roll over and play dead.

Do buy as many standard-capacity magazines as you can afford.

Do buy ammo in the calibers you own in bulk.

Do buy as many semi-automatic rifles as you can.

Anonymous said...

For a while after the Palin pick I felt as if McCain may have had a chance. I am now back to my earlier thinking that not only is Obama gonna win but he's gonna win 300+ electoral votes.

Some Guy said...

I don't care who wins at this point. Maybe we'll just hurry up and get it over with.

NO, not to the kind of world you discuss here. That won't happen.

Why? Well, why are we into this "hobby" anyway?

Don't despair.