Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Musings

This from NRO's The Corner blog...a votive candle featuring the Messiah, the One, the Blessed Child of Karl Marx and Mayor Daily who will lead us to a holy redistribution of wealth...well. you get the picture. Two weeks left...

Been following Jim Shepherd's writings on the state of the industry (you can follow them yourself on DRTV)...it's not good. As Jim notes, all the leisure industries are bleeding as consumers reel in their spending. In truth, I'm doing it myself...if I don't need to buy it, I'm not. Shooting wise, I find myself putting a lot more .22s down range than I used to.

As I may have mentioned, I decided to do a SHOOTING GALLERY and a COWBOYS episode on cool .22s and using .22s as training for specific shooting sports; we'll be filming the SG episode in a couple of weeks down at Whittington. I know it's probably self-evident, but I've had a lot of people tell me that while they liked .22s, they were of "limited utility." HA! I think the relative low costs of .22 alternatives (like conversion units for various guns or dedicated .22s) can be amortized pretty quickly by the difference in ammo (even reloaded ammo) costs...I recently bought 5,000 .22s from Midway USA for less than $300.

Another gun note...there's a pretty interesting thread on point shooting on THE HIGH ROAD. You might want to check it out...


Anonymous said...

point shooting...I took the sights off my carry gun, a Glock G26. I can still hit what I aim/point at.

Mike, will TBD cover point shooting?

Michael Bane said...


Mike Janich, one of my co-hosts on TBD, worked with Rex Applegate extensively on point shooting and, in fact, wrote Applegate's last book on the subject. One of the basics of Rob Pincus' COMBAT FOCUSED SHOOTING techniques is the balance between speed and precision.

My own thinking has come full circle...I now tend to see pointed/body indexed fire and aimed fire as two ends of the same continuum. Where your actual shots fired will be on that continuum depends on how close the target is, how quickly the target must be engaged (we'll be talking about that on tomorrow's podcast), what type of carry system you're drawing from, etc.

In short, it's all the same stuff, so the answer to your question is a simple, "Yes."


Overload in Colorado said...

Is there a good aftermarket barrel for a 10/22 that allows one to use iron sights?

Anonymous said...

MB, I own a copy of the Applegate/Janich book. A good one! I'd love to see TBD do a segment on pocket carry (ie, draw, move, shoot) and good/bad of pocket carry.

Pincus brought his training to Ohio last month. I thought hard about attending but the requirement was a belt holster and 2 magazine carriers.

I don't carry that way and prefer to train the way I carry so I do my training in the back yard. The instructor is an asshole however!

GeorgeH said...

I have a Detonics .45 without sights.
A slab sided auto without sights is a great way to transition a shotgun wingshooter to handguns.

Besides, if someone is too far to hit without sights, they are probably far enough away to just avoid.