Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Food Channel Special!

From the UK Daily Mail:
A gay chef murdered his lover, cut out part of his leg, seasoned it with herbs and fried it, a court has heard.

Anthony Morley, 35, chewed one of the pieces before throwing it into his kitchen bin.
The wine? No doubt a nice Chianti...


RVN11B said...

Guess I'll pass on lunch today.

My heart just isn't in it for some reason.

Anonymous said...

What, no fava beans?

Anonymous said...

Ya know at this point in the campaign I give up on McCain. He has lost. Done. Toast. Hopeless. I don't even know if I will go to the polls to vote.

So until sometime in 2010 when Sarah Palin decides to run for President like a conservative Republican should, I am going to focus instead on stories like this that brighten my day and inspire me. Keep them coming MB !

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the guy wearing the "Eat Me" T-shirt? dmd

Anonymous said...

Hey NJ Larry,
Don't give up! I'm not sayin' it's "in the bag", but Gore was up 11 points at this time in the election against Bush and we know how that turned out.
We all have to get the word out on the gun issue. Look for conservative radio to ramp that up. The NRA is ramping up its ads too. Then there's the "terrorist's friend thing". CNN is supposededly covering that now too.
We also need to remind everyone that the reason the market has tanked is because of the perceived inevitability of b-HO becoming President and raising the taxes on the very people and entities that create jobs. That's why they stopped investing! Past data has proved that. Only someone who thinks Economics is a belief system would argue. Say a fool like b-HO and his supporters. Economics is a science that can be depended on. Even if it weren't, the data doesn't lie. Total tax revenues go up when the upper brackets get a tax cut, as those guys invest in the economy and jobs happen. That's not the b-HO plan!
Today, the head Economist from Michigan's Mackinaw Center, a credible "think-tank (I know, that sounds so left-wing!) laid it all out on the table and so have expert after expert, on the financial channels and in the papers. They all say that b-HO's plan WILL NOT work. Unfortunately, the big supporters of b-HO are mostly looking for a hand-out, or are grossly un-informed and saucer-eyed in awe of the Messiah. We have to inform them. Know the basics and make the arguments. After all, this melt-down has the Dem's names all over it too.
Hang-tough my brothers and sisters!
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have to say it, but McCain's performance last night was pathetic. If they don't give him testosterone injections and a few Red Bulls soon he's going to get beaten like a government mule.

If he's only going to get spanked anyway, I'm having second thoughts about wasting my vote on him just because he's the lesser of two evils.

Voting for him will only encourage the fools at the RNC to keep giving us nominees like G.H.W.Bush, Bob Dole, G.W.Bush and now McCain.

Anonymous said...

When the Bobbies arrested him, he was dining on the victim's buttocks.

Told the coppers it was the "Best piece of @$$ he's ever had."

be603 said...

talk about gettin' some leg!