Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BAR Goes Black Tie

Well, sort of...FNH has released their 7.62 X 51 FNAR semiauto, based loosely on the venerable Browning BAR line of sporter rifles (photograph below). Note the family resemblance; of course FN owns Browning, which explains a lot.

Here's the press release from FNH:
The new FNAR 7.62x51mm from FNH USA is now available for purchase. This time-proven design has been enhanced by a match grade fluted barrel, ergonomic tactical stock system and a steel detachable box magazine. The end result is a highly accurate, adaptable rifle that is equal to any law enforcement, security or tactical sport shooting application.

Key features:

• Every FNAR rifle ships from the factory with a one MOA, or better, accuracy specification.
• The FNAR receiver is built from 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a hard coat black anodized finish.
• Its 20” match grade fluted barrel, with Mil Spec manganese phosphate finish, is available in light or heavy contours and features a hard chrome bore and chamber and recessed target crown for accuracy and long life.
• The FNAR’s ergonomic, adjustable tactical stock offers three interchangeable cheekpieces and recoil pads as well as five user replaceable shims to fine tune the fit of the rifle to the individual shooter.
• A MIL-STD 1913 accessory rail tops the receiver, and a trio of additional rails is mounted on the stock forearm.

“We have engineered this gun for maximum out-of-the-box accuracy,” says Barbara Sadowy Bailey, director of marketing for FNH USA. “The FNAR is built to the same exact specifications as our U.S. military and law enforcement products, and it is a great addition to our line of high precision long range rifles. The FNAR’s accuracy is unsurpassed.”

The FNAR is available in either standard or heavy barrel configurations with 10 or 20 round magazines.
I handled and shot the toolroom prototype a couple of years ago and liked the heck out of it then. Here's my reasoning...the recent explosive growth in interest in 7.62/.308 semiauto rifles I believe is based on the undeniable fact that, yes Virginia, there are some things you can't do with an AR platform 5.56/.223 rifle.

Now that ARs are in widespread law enforcement distribution, some of those shortcomings are coming to the fore. The primary one is that most teams utilize a sniper/precision rifleman with a bolt gun in 7.62 (or, in rural jurisdictions where longer shots might be called for, .300 Winchester Magnum). The big players are, of course, Remington with their venerable law enforcement series of 700s and FNH with their Special Police Rifles.

A semiauto that could serve double duty as a longer-range sniper rifle and back-up heavy firepower has a lot of appeal (which helps explain the huge growth of AR-10 style, such as the DPMS offerings and FAL heavy rifles). Secondly, FNH must be accutely aware that arch-rival Remington, now part of the Cerberus family that includes DPMS, Bushmaster and Cobb, will no doubt be rolling out their own version of a tactical heavy rifle in .308 based on their R-25 hunting rifles, below, which would be popular with agencies already using the Rem 700s for long-range duties.

You know, you could probably make an argument that the FNAR has one of the most impressive long gun pedigrees in Gun World...a direct line from the original John Browning-designed BAR — still the coolest assault rifle ever made and Clyde Barrow's personal favorite — to the law enforcement-oriented Colt Monitor, which Texas Ranger hardboy Frank Hamer used to slice, dice and otherwise kill the crap out of Clyde and the lovely Bonnie. Then Browning cribbed the name for their new sporting rifle, also a magazine-fed gas-operated semiauto, which wasn't that much like the real BAR, but I'm making a point here!

My little cherubs and seraphim tell me that commercial BARs in .300 Win Mag with lopped-off barrels and suppressors saw service in Afghanistan as a sort of a mid-way between an AR and a full-blown sniper rifle, engaging Taliban targets in the 500-yard range. At those ranges the .300 would be fiercely more effective than a 5.56.

The drawback to the BAR as a tactical gun was the absence of larger-capacity magazines, which the FNAR 10 and 20 round mags takes care of in spades. The light-barrel version clocks in at 9 pounds, about a quarter-pound heavier than the Remington hunting R-25 and consistent with an FAL.

MSRP is $1734.38.


alfsauve said...

And if you want some caliber other than .308, the these rifle should be easy to re-barreled to other .308 based case cartridges. In fact the R25 is available in .243, 7mm-08 as well as .308. It should be an easy task to re-barrel the guns to .260Rem and .338Fed as well.

Anonymous said...

Now, if that hi-cap' mag' in the FNAR would be an M14 mag', then they'll have nailed it! Is it?
Life Member

Anonymous said...

MIKE! Frank Hammer used a custom Remington Model 8 in 35 Remington.
I want a FNAR.

Anonymous said...

Magazine is the big thing. M14? FAL inch or metric? Or a $100 a pop proprietary model?

Anonymous said...

They accept AR10 magazines

Anonymous said...

The Arms Tech Interdiction, a modified commercial BAR in .300 Win Mag, has been rumored to be center punching bad guys as far back as Somalia.

Anonymous said...

Which AR-10 Mags? I have an FNAR (picked it up last week). Also have an Armalite AR-10, the mags are pretty different from what I can tell. Bolt hold open mechanism is on the opposite side of the mag. Armalite Gen 2 wouldn't fit. Maybe GEN 1 mags would work I have one around some where I will have to try it. Anyway I got 12 mags comming.

Anonymous said...

So did the Ar10 gen I mags work? I am looking at the FNAR, but I don't want magazine fit problems.

Anonymous said...

I just bought an FNAR, and I own an AR10, and I can tell you without any doubt that no AR10 magazine has ever fit the FNAR. If you are under this mistaken assumption, do not buy an FNAR. They have their own proprietary magazine. It is a good one, although very heavy. But, there is absolutely no compatibility between the AR10 mags and the FNAR. Anyone who says so is a liar.

Anonymous said...

I have a bunch of FNAR 20rd. factory mags 4 sale. Email me Methu969@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I am a retired marksman from navy infantry.
I got one of the light barrel model around 8 months ago for recreational purposes to nail paper targets. I am achieving .5 to .4 MOA consistently even with Rem and UMC standard loads.
I have 2 words for you folks: Buy one!

Unknown said...

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