Saturday, October 04, 2008

Good Gun Control Analysis Post...

...from Howard Nemerov:
Sen. Barack Obama said Tuesday he is “a strong supporter of the Second Amendment” and will not try take Americans’ guns away if elected.

“I believe it’s an individual right,” he said in an interview following Tuesday’s speech at [University of Nevada, Reno]. “Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear from an Obama Administration.”

But, Obama said, he is for “some common sense gun safety laws.” He said that means keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill and children.

“And we need a system that makes sure we can trace guns back to the original owners and dealers.”[1]

What Obama isn’t saying is that in order to “trace guns to the original owners” we must enact national gun owner licensing and registration for each gun purchased. Such policies have both historical and future significance.

There is documented evidence that registration and licensing leads to confiscation, often with horrible unintended results.
This week I'm buying another 10 AR-15 standard capacity should you!


Anonymous said...

62 and counting. Trying to get to 100

Ratcatcher 55

Anonymous said...

If you think that your going to get stuff "grandfathered" again forget about it. This isn't 1994.

alfsauve said...

Closer to "1984"

Anonymous said...

“Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear from an Obama Administration.”

Translation: Just obey all the extremely restrictive laws he wants to pass and you won't have to fear having your door broken down and your body shot full of holes.
Obama's Harvard Law School education makes him extremely cunning at deception.

Anonymous said...

Come take my ARs and AKs Obamarama!

We'll see how 62 gr. green tip does against baby blue UN helmets.

Anonymous said...

“And we need a system that makes sure we can trace guns back to the original owners and dealers.”

We already have that. It's the serial number on the gun and the 4473 that the original gun purchaser fills out.

Anonymous said...

I would note one big thing about BHO, nobody has ever heard the word "freedom" come from his lips, not once, ever.

Good reason why, he is the biggest enemy of Freedom this country has faced. He is an enemy of freedom for the rest of the world.


I just had those bumper stickers printed.

FD in AL

Anonymous said...


I suppose you are going to join forces with the revolutionaries in CA, MA, DC, Chicago....oh wait, the revolution never materialized. Frankly, I grow weary of such spouting off. We win politically or we lose because, push come to shove, you'll fall in line just like people in those states and cities that already have banned/restricted guns.

Anonymous said...

Stock up on ammo too!

I have about 95K in ammo
Over 100 AR15 30's plus some 20's
10 AR rifles
85-100 HI-cap Pistol Mags.

I started stocking up when Clinton was elected

Michael Bane said...

We're not trying to foment revolution...we're trying to NOT be caught in the same situation a lot of us found ourselves in 1995!

Secondly, I want as many black rifles and accessories in circulation for a number of reasons:
1) More is better...the more black rifles in general circulation, the harder it's going to be for the Blue Dogs Dem to support an AWB that will claim there guns are "unusual"..maybe we heading this thing off.
2) More is of the reasons the Clinton Ban passed was that in 1995, black rifles represented a very small percentage of the overall market, making it easy to marginalize it.
3) More is AWB will be challenged under the Heller decision.

Thirdly, to borrow a concept from Drew Carey, who purchased Ars for his friends before the first Clinton Ban, if your goverment doesn't want you to have it, you DEFINITELY need it!


GunGeek said...

Actually, from I've seen Obie is being generally truthfullish when he says things about how he isn't going to take away our guns.

He has supported bans on further manufacturing/sales of all kinds of guns, but not confiscations. He has supported making entire classes of guns non-transferable (not even as an inheritance), but not confiscating them from their current owner. From their estate, yes, but not from them.

Apparently, he doesn't mind too terribly waiting up to one generation to have all the guns taken away. So, now he can say that he isn't going to take your guns away from you.