Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let's Try This Again...

Am back in The World after four days in Monterey...feel almost human

Am pondering my response to the Cooper Rifle debacle - he's a big b-HO
supporter and allowed himself to be quoted I USA Today...

I'm thinking Zumbo here...Mr. Cooper has exercised his American right
to vote for whom he chooses and his First Amendment right to talk
about it.

That's cool.

Now I think it's time for us to exercise our uniquely American right
to vote with our wallets.

When you sleep with the enemy, you shouldn't be surprised to wake up
with your head shaved.


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Tim Covington said...

Dan Cooper, a cheap knock off of Bill Ruger.

Anonymous said...

And to think I was thinking about ordering one of his finely crafted .22's. He does make some beautiful rifles but he will not be getting any business from me. Perhaps he thinks that the only rifles anyone really needs are bolt action. This is very infuriating from someone in the gun business to not recognize and stand with others in supporting our 2nd amendment rights. I say give him the full measure of the Zumbo treatment
cheers, BigBadBob

Unknown said...

Two words: Ronnie Barrett. A much better man with whom to spend your rifle budget.

alfsauve said...

Uh, am I missing something?

There seems to be more to the story. Check the web site:

Anonymous said...

I guess before we keel-haul one of our own supposedly, we had better make sure of the facts since there was some strange politics going with some disrupting (contributing) one or the other of the Democratic ticket. Michael, I think you are the man to "drop a dime" to Cooper and ask him straight up about the issue. Publishing a retraction or getting an article published by him correcting the facts might go along way to preventing some serious consequences. If he is an Obama supporter - I say keel-haul him!

cheers, BigBadBob

Anonymous said...

The statement on the Cooper website is a gem... "it's just Mr. Cooper's personal view, not the company's" ... no statement that he was misquoted, no denial of the contributions he made... it's a privately owned company, he's the owner, you make stupid decisions, you go out of business... tough luck, moron. Join Zumbo and Leatherman.

John Richardson said...

Of course, Cooper Firearms didn't make a contribution. They are a corporation and it is illegal for corporations to make donations to federal races.

Not that BHO doesn't know a thing or two about receiving illegal contributions, eh Doodad Pro?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the EBR's are biting into business? Maybe he wants them banned?

be603 said...

One word. Quisling.

Stick a fork in him, I'm done with him. From here out you won't be finding his company bookmarked along w/ rest of my firearms links.

Won't be buying any gun rags with his firearms featured.

Will trash any gun rags or catalogs with his products advertised.

Will discourage any and all who express an interest in purchasing from him.

Will leave the door open for hime and wait for him to have a come to Jesus moment, repent and redeem himself. But trust lost is hard to regain.

GeorgeH said...

Seems pretty clear to me.
Cooper was involved in the effort to deny Hillary the nomination, because she was considered the most dangerous candidate at the time. I know a number of lifelong republicans who did the same to try to weaken the dems.
After the primaries were over, he contributed to McCain to defeat Obama.
USA Today used him to screw with republicans. Obama is running ads, at least in NC, about how he wants to preserve our 2nd amendment rights and big media is helping himn sow dissension.

There will be time for a deeper inquisition after the election.

Anonymous said...

According to the FECC records, Cooper made 11 contributions to Obama beginning after the he got the tingle up his leg from Obama's Dem Convention speech in '04. Long before Obama announced he was running for POTUS.

Saying that his contributions had anything to do with trying to weaken Clinton for the good of the Republicans is a lie.

Anonymous said...

People continued to buy Ruger firearms after Old Man Ruger sold us out and Dumbo got his TV show back on the air.

We shooters are lacking on follow thru to our outrage of the moment.

alfsauve said...

QUOTE: We shooters are lacking on follow thru to our outrage of the moment.

Not I. I've disposed of all but one of the Rugers I had. And I have refused to even consider a Ruger for subsequent purchase.

Anonymous said...

"People continued to buy Ruger firearms after Old Man Ruger sold us out and Dumbo got his TV show back on the air."

Complete nonsense.

After Bill Ruger dropped dead, Ruger has now started offering 20-round magazines for their Mini-14, going whole hog on high-capacity pistols like the SR9, offered a .380 pocket automatic, etc.

Ruger CHANGED. They've paid their dues, same as S&W did.

Zumbo got sense smacked into him HARD. He got the message loud and clear and broadened his horizons by admitting that black rifles are pretty cool after all.

Anonymous said...

To think that I had my "sights" set on a Cooper! Not now. F___ him. If his guns were the last available, I'd go back to my "sharp sticks and string". As an entrepeneur, he's off base anyhow. He's in b-HO's crosshairs, for a tax increase!
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:51


There was several years between Old Man Ruger selling us out and his dropping dead. After he sold us out people still bought Ruger firearms for a long while before the Ruger family sold all interests in the company.

And Dumbo "saw the light" under duress as he was obviously trying to salvage his career. He is still a Fudd who would sell us out in a heartbeat.