Tuesday, October 14, 2008

John Lott on b-HO

From the Philly Inquirer:
This evidence should be sufficient, but I have yet another reason to be skeptical. I knew Obama during the mid-1990s, when we were both at the University of Chicago Law School. Indeed, when I introduced myself to him, he said, "Oh, you are the gun guy."

I responded, "Yes, I guess so." His response, as I recall it, was, "I don't believe that people should be able to own guns."

When I said it might be fun sometime to talk about the question and his support of Chicago's lawsuit against gunmakers, he simply grimaced and turned away, ending the conversation.

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Anonymous said...

Jim And Sarah Brady, Brady Campaign Endorse Barack Obama And Joe Biden


I think that says all that needs to be said on UMMMM AHHHH's position!