Sunday, April 26, 2009

All Tacticaled Up

Am on the way home from Tom Givens' RangeMaster Tactical Conference, this year in Tulsa at the U.S.Shooting Academy.

As usual, had a wonderful time, catching up with Tom, John Farman, Mas Ayoob, Paul Gomez, Karl Rein, and as whole bunch of other people, including my old high school buddy Bill Baker, who now instructs at RangeMaster.

You'll see a ton of this stuff on DRTV, along with a whole slew of gun tests.

As usual, Tom and the RM guys set up some cool and challenging shooting stages - a house exercise with lots of terrorist and lots of innocent bystanders, the classic Dozier Drill (which I'd shot with an S.A.revolver at GUNSITE a couple of weeks ago), a standards, a stage were you carted around a darn heavy "baby," and a back-up gun stage. I shot the main stages with a Para LTC 9mm I had in Tulsa with me and borrowed a Kahr .380 for the BUG stage. The highlight of the BUG stage was 2 shots standing at 15 yards on a target about 3/4 covered by a hostage, then dropping to prone to engage a clay pigeon at 15 yard through a hole in a steel plate. The plate messes with your head! I shot 2 "A's" on the paper, then drilled the clay pigeon on the second Walt Rauch told me a month or so ago, the little Kahr is a SHOOTER!

More on Wednesday's podcast...

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Joe said...

No wonder why we didn't have more shooters from USSA at the Badlands IDPA match this weekend. Too bad you didn't have time to swing by.

Rastus said...

Shame on me for not going to class and wrangling an invite. A friend who went had a great time caught in the 3rd room low light scenario with the flash bang, but was most impressed with the people amd Ayoob's legal information.