Tuesday, April 07, 2009

QUICK--Go Buy a Copy of PATRIOTS!

My friend Jim Rawles' novel, PATRIOTS: A NOVEL OF SURVIVAL IN THE COMING COLLAPSE, is now available from Amazon...if you're interested in getting a copy, buy it today, Wednesday, from Amazon and lets' see if we can bump it up in the Amazon rating! BTW, the opening of this book will profoundly creep you out...little bit too close for reality. 

On the gun front, Big Media is spinning up it's antigun message in the wake of a bad March of mass shootings — again, which I'll be addressing on next week's podcast — once again trotting out the same pile or warmed-over crap. Here's the skinny from CBS

Wong said the mystery policeman acted to adjust the fan in his home, "connect the music into my ear," and "made me unbreathable." He added that the officer would break into his room, "three time touch me when I was sleeping," and would try to get into car accidents with him. (The New York Times has posted the whole letter here.) 

This apparently delusional man was a self-avowed gun enthusiast; according to the Times, he had been licensed to carry guns since 1996. Wong had two handguns on him, along with body armor, when he went on his deadly rampage.

Not surprisingly, his actions have once again fanned the debate over gun control in this country. Vice President Joe Biden, reacting to the news, said "it's time that we gotta figure a way to deal with this senseless, senseless violence."
Yeah, Greasy Joe, he's one smart man...like watching a hamster try to recite Shakespeare. Go back in your hole, G.B. Coming up on ABC's 20/20 Friday this week is a segment titled, "If I'd Only Had a Gun," co-hosted by the reprehensibly slimy Diane Sawyer and the imminently thoughtful John Stossel...here's a bit from Brent Bozell's NewsBusters site (read the whole thing): 
Before moving on to other news, the ABC anchor informed viewers that there would not only be more coverage of the shooting spree on tonight's 20/20, but that next Friday the network would air a special on the "epidemic of mass shootings in America." Sawyer: "And, also, a week from tonight, ABC News is going to bring you the results of a year-long exploration of this epidemic of mass shootings in America – why it is happening and what lessons there are about staying safe if it is happening to you, and that is one week from tonight."
I suspect it's going to be a bend over and grease up moment. The MSM is bummed that the Dems aren't happy happy joy joy joy about ramming gun control down our throats, so they're stepping up to the plate. 


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Greasy Joe, he's one smart man...like watching a hamster try to recite Shakespeare.

I really like that one! :)

Just thinking about the VPC, Greasy Joe, MSM and other flaming idiots gives me that nasty, metallic taste you get just before you're going to hurl.

Jerry The Geek said...

The solution to the 'Mass Violence' phenomenon is not a Gun Control issue, it's a Cultural issue.

In this age of single-parent homes and unrestricted/indiscriminate immigration, the only approach is to teach our children self-control and personal responsibility, and to more thoroughly screen our immigrants.

Of course, this will never be considered by Politicians, whose impertives is not to perform a public service but to be seen to be "doing something about the problem".

Until they accurately define the problem, they will never arrive at a viable solution.

In a word: "We're SCREWED, Folks!"

Dave S. said...

"the ABC anchor informed viewers that there would not only be more coverage of the shooting spree on tonight's 20/20, but that next Friday the network would air a special on the "epidemic of mass shootings in America."

Thus guaranteeing more spree killings by attention-starved nobodies.

Thanks a lot, mass media.

Rastus said...

I think you are right Dave. Especially for the next couple of weeks we should not forget to bring our legal carry with us. If you aren't a concealed carry permit holder....schedule a class and get some additional training before/after the class.

Seems as though any place is fair game for a crazy.

Anonymous said...

About a hundred years ago, in my own state of Michigan, a disgruntled man blew up a school house full of the town's children. He felt that he was 'wronged" and that he was "going to show them". That mass murder was and remains one of the worst in our country's history.
The event happened in a time that most of us would characterize as idylic. Personal responsibility was the norm. Most families had two parents and grandparents were close by. A strong work ethic prevailed and the church was the center of the community. Most people would say that there was much personal responsibility. There were no waves of illegal immigrants, no cell phones (probably few telephones!), no internet, no blogs, no TV even. So what's the difference between that incident and today's?
The root cause is virtually the same. In the case cited here and the recents events of last week, each of the killers felt that they were wronged and needed to "pay back". They also felt justified in doing it. They all had their "excuses" copyrighted and ready and they all read the same. Now, what do we do about it?
All of this behaviour is learned. Some would argue that there are those that are born to kill. I would disagree. Everything is learned.
Now, because of human nature, we have the capacity for many things, including feelings such as fear, to name just one. The degree to which we carry out our anger is also learned. For some, frustration is the outcome. For the ones at the other extreme, they've learned to take it out on another human, or animal, or by putting a fist through the door. To solve this problem in the long-term, we need to ensure that we all work to teach each other how to do things right. In order to contain the problem now, we need to swiftly and surely contain those that do not conform to the expectations for behaviour. It's not a mystery who these hot-heads are. In nearly every case, someone close to each of these individuals can tell you all of the warning signals that they've seen. The critical next step for all of us is to step up and ensure that these potential "loose cannons" are contained. That starts with each family and spreads into the community.
For those in our freedom loving community where guns are used, we need to set good examples for those still learning to follow. If we encounter anyone that you'd just bet is someone "most likely to...", then we need to intervene as approriate. Everyone, in the end, knows who these peole are ahead of time. If someone had courageously stepped into the life of that man from Bath, that tragedy wouldn't have happened. Ill surely bet that someone knew that that guy was about to go off.
Life Member

HTownTejas said...

There are 300,000,000 people in this country! A infinitesimal percentage are always going to be psychotic, but an infinitesimal percentage of 300,000,000 people is still plenty of news-filler for myopic hacks like Deborah Hastings. The bigger our country gets, the more material for news-hacks.

Flash Powder Hal said...

I read "Patriots.." last summer, it is a great read and a learning-tool if you do your research.

Did you know Thermite is still completely legal (for now) and you can buy all the elements on the web, like Ebay?

Keep up the good work Michael ~;-)

Anonymous said...

I order the book. Your buddy owes you a beer.


Tim Covington said...

I ordered the morning and the estimate was a couple of days. Now the estimate is 10-12 days. I think your plan worked.

Overload in Colorado said...

For those who were back ordered on this, check your invoices. Amazon jacked up the price when we ordered it, and now lists it at (for me) $8.97. They are supposed to correct the price when it ships, but...