Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Neat Commentary from U.S. News & World Report

Featuring 4 distinct views — including Brother Ted — on guns and gun control: 
Ten years after the Columbine High School massacre, shooting sprees in New York and Pennsylvania bring renewed howls for tighter gun laws. But is gun control the answer? In U.S. News's monthly series The Chat Room, four advocates on both sides of the debate get their say, first in separate op-eds, then for several days as guests on the Thomas Jefferson Street blog.
Read 'em all...even Helmke, who always reads from the same pathetic script...


Anonymous said...

There's no history 50, 75, 100 years ago involving mass shootings of innocent individuals by rampaging maniacs that compares to the number of events today. You use gun control to blind you from the real problem, your society is going to hell. This utopia you try to create breeds insane people that want to hurt others, and you know what they're called? Humans. Humans, are incapable of %100 kindness and love and civility. Left to there own devices people would destroy each other.

Now there's two schools of thought to defeating the 'enemy within', one is to teach people that its 'good' to be kind and love one another. And that group of people uses the Bible and various other religions to do so, even without religion one can pass along strong moral values that our grand parents and parents had. The other is that its 'bad' to hurt and kill, and if you do that you'll be punished, thrown in jail and fined a ton of money. No moral edjucation required, its all trial and error. Unfortunantly, the trial is always someone being kill, robbed, or raped, then the punishment, which doesn't help dead people. You just can't tell people what not to do, you have to instill in them why its bad to do those things before hand, before they end up in front of a judge or in the ground.

In this world that has no time, or interest to teach our youth about right and wrong, not just tell them right and wrong, we will continue to see these events occur. 'Good' and 'bad' are just words, you have to give them meaning, true meaning, not just, "this is good and this is bad", and then pass them to your children.

Even then never forget that people are just domesticated animals, and even your back yard dog can snap and kill its owner. The idea that pieces of metal and plastic kill people is insane. Bad people, or animals that have snapped, will use whatever they can, so lets see some moral and culture control not gun control. Don't just draw circle charts of 'good' and 'bad', get peoples moral compasses pointing in the right direction. There's a thousand ways people can kill, are we going to control them all? Do we want to control them all, or do we want to help produce be people for a better society, and the only people that can do that are parents. Don't think that not teaching someone bad things doesn't mean they won't do them, humans have 'evil' implanted in our brains from birth. You know what we call that 'evil'? Human nature.

Loyalist said...

Hey Michael,
Just wanted to say thanks very much for doing such a great job posting gun-related news stories to your blog.

HaroldB said...

Have you tried De-Caf?