Friday, April 17, 2009

Five Freakin' Feet?

Yes's still snowing like I'm north of the Arctic Circle and the weather dweebs are saying 5 feet by tomorrow morning. The power is coming and going, but that's no big...just irritating. The power just came back on and I had enough power time this afternoon to recharge the computers. I'm hoarding one of the laptops to watch a movie when the power goes off again.

I have a confession to make....Mr. Stupid managed to lock his keys in his truck...I was using the Trusty Element as essentially a snowplow to batter my way down the I get out on the passenger's side in snow up to my waist, close the door and hear a, "Click." So where is my spare key? With my Sweetie. Where is my Sweetie? At GUNSITE. Oh well...another learning opportunity pour moi!

Been having to accompany Alf the Wonder Beagle outside while she tinkles on the miracles of nature because of a pack of coyotes that is far too visible in the snow. I considered dropping one this AM when it was floundering in the deep snow outside my office window. Call it 11 yards, a hole in the screen and one heck of a pelt...decided the new neighbors might not understand. 

Meanwhile, read Alphecca's commentary on what Maximum Barry really said about an AWB, as opposed to what the MSM has been telling us he said. Remember all the bleating about how Obama forswore an AWB? Well, what he really said was:
 I have not backed off at all from my belief that the gun — the assault weapons ban made sense.
I've been really amazed on some of the gun forums, where you think people might know better, where people are confident that there's no problemo. Reminds me of my hardcore libertarian friends, most of whom stayed home rather than vote for What's His Name, who explained to me during the campaign that while Obama was clearly a screaming, ranting socialist he would no doubt "govern from the center." They're presently in shock over Maximum Barry's brilliant strike at the heart of capitalism, learning how to can tomatoes and shopping for viable farmland in the Midwest.

Well, tomorrow's going to be a long, boring day with the shovel. 


Anonymous said...

Michael, want to borrow my suppressed 10-22 for the coyotes?

hillbilly said...

Ah yes, gun forums where folks think bHo is "no problemo."

One of the reasons I quit frequenting several gun forums is because a lot of the folks who post on those are mostly interested in showing how "with it" and "insightful" and "against the grain" they are.

Of course, the easiest way to bloviate, uh, I mean show how "with it" and "insightful" and "against the grain" you are is to pick controversial stance "X" and defend it, no matter what silly reality or truth or facts might say otherwise.

Of course bHo is no problemo....only fearful red-state knuckle-draggers think otherwise....listen to me, the much-smarter-than-thou keyboard commando and Lord High Post-Counter of the gun forum of puddly, lonely know-it-alls.......And if you say otherwise, I'll PM a moderator and have him show you.....

USCitizen said...

Neighbors won't understand you dropping a 'yote?

Maybe someone needs a Suppressor.

Just sayin'.

Haji said...

Yup, its Global Warming, Michael!

Dave S. said...

"One of the reasons I quit frequenting several gun forums is because a lot of the folks who post on those are mostly interested in showing how "with it" and "insightful" and "against the grain" they are."

I've been having the opposite problem - having to read every easily-debunked hysterical rumor from people who insist we have to be super-hyper-vigilant because Barry's gonna take our guns, coming from people who either didn't vote or wasted their non-Obama vote on a candidate who they knew damn well could never get more than a few percent.

I didn't like voting for McCain, but he had the best chance of anyone of defeating Obama. That was Goal #1. Pretty funny that I'm being called an "ostrich" after that.

OrangeNeckInNY said...

Whenever I have to get out of my vehicle with the ignition running, I alway crack open the window about 5" in case the stupid doors lock, either due to the alarm system, or the door-lock engagement device when you start the engine.

HaroldB said...


Locked my keys in the truck 20 years ago. Now I carry an extra set in my wallet and never open the front door without the wallet (or the Sig) in the pocket.

Haven't been locked out since ~;-)

Clark Kent said...

Locked my keys in the truck waiting in line at the dump transfer station. Almost started a riot until a friendly cop got there and slimjimmed me back in.

I do keep a spare key in my wallet, but had left the wallet on the seat for some dumb reason, and my elbow punched the lock down as I got out. That was the Dodge, which I rolled several months ago. The newer Ford has an electronic opener, which I keep clipped to my pants at all times.

As to flora bloviators, like the gentleman said, no problemo. I'd sooner do battle with differing opinions, no matter how obnoxious some of them can be, than to hear the constant choir. Not that I don't occasionally relish a sweet round of barbershop quartet harmonies, but discordant views do help keep thinking alive.

Alogusz said...

I rarely lose power (just during the big blackout of '03) but just in case
I just got a tea light lantern from here:

And I like to use beeswax candles, not paraffin ones. They are more expensive, but they are natural.

Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

Now it's a double-secret, double-hidden bunker high in the Rockies.

The neighbors won't hear the shot in the middle of a blowing storm. The dead coyote in the yard as the snow melts, however, will probably send them off the deep end, esp. if they are some of the loony locals from Boulder or Denver.

Drop the 'yotes, clean 'em up, hang the pelts, keep Alf safe, worry about any aftermath later.

Gun fora can say whatever they want. We have our own poor souls on DRTV who think the same thing. Being from Illinois originally, I know his background, although he came on the state scene pretty much after I left that fascist socialist state. I do not believe one word he says.

If bho (or as they call him on Lucianne, "Zero" came out and said he was trying to destroy capitalism and the Constitution, and substitute a neo-communist Marxist socialist state in its place, I would still double-check things before believing him. I wouldn't necessarily double check that one too hard, but I would check it.

Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

PS: You live where and don't own a snow blower?????

BTW, nice picture of one of your neighbors in Nederland on

hillbilly said...

DaveS, you've nailed the other major problem on a whole lot of the gun forums.

They are also over-populated with self-styled, hard-core, uber-libertarians who thump their cyber-chests about voting "on principal" for some fringe third-party candidate.

Of course, they aren't really interested in advancing anyone's freedom....not really.

Working to advance real freedom is not nearly as much fun as playing the rough-hewn rugged invidualist heroes in their own personal pscycho-dramas.