Thursday, April 30, 2009

BTW, Happy Walpurgis Night!

Yes, it's that time of year again, the Eve of Mayday, and it's time for witches and warlocks around the world to par-tee par-tee par-tee like it's 1699!!!! Or as Goethe so rollickingly  wrote in Faust:
The witches t'ward the Brocken strain
When the stubble yellow, green the grain.
The rabble rushes - as 'tis meet -
To Sir Urian's lordly seat.
O'er stick and stone we come, by jinks!
The witches f..., the he-goat s...
The broomstick carries, so does the stock;
The pitchfork carries, so does the buck;
Who cannot rise on them tonight,
Remains for aye a luckless wight.
Weeeeee-doggies! F'n and S'n! I'm down with that, but you can probably keep the goats and stuff. Just to be sure stay locked and loaded tonight, don't invite anyone wearing a cape to step over your door's threshold, every if he/she is really, really screaming crazy hot, hang a little clove of garlic on your doors and hang on until dawn. Or maybe visit DarkAsia, where I cribbed the Walpurgis card.

On a lighter note, tomorrow those in the Old Religion and of a Celtish bent celebrated Beltane, the union of the God and Goddess to bless the crops in the promise of new life. Light a fire!

Oh yeah, a sidenote...A. "Pencil Thin Mustache" Hitler checked into his suite in Hell on this night in 1945...sleep tight...


iainmcphersn said...

Interesting coincidence, I just watched the "Band of Brothers" episode "Why We Fight"on DVD. They found out that that Hitler had committed suicide in that episode. I did not realize today was the anniversary until just now.

This was also the episode where they found the concentration camp.

Words escape me...

Stay vigilant,

Kristopher said...

Walpurgisnacht = Night of the Walrus.

Those strange marks in your back yard are from tusks ...

Lease Auditing Services said...

Walpurgis Night is a traditional spring festival on 30 April or 1 May in large parts of Central and Northern Europe.