Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I cribbed this from my pal at SayUncle, but darn, it's true! I did a quick survey today...there's some 5.56 around — Wolf, a little PMC — but you're looking at around $450+ a thousand. There's a bit of 9mm around as well, but it seems to be more predatorily priced than the 5.56. If you want .380 to feed your LCP, forget it. Not there. I did a comprehensive Internet sweep for primers and drew a complete blank...none that I could find, except for a handful of shotgun primers. Even more frightening, I could find very little .22LR ammunition (CMP has Aguila .22 at a good price, but it requires a CMP-affiliated club membership).


Tim Covington said...

Well, the Texas State Rifle Association counts as membership in a participating club.

John said...

You're not joking about 9mm pricing. I've seen an Aurora, CO store (Gander Mt) pricing basic 9mm FMJ at $65 per box! Yet they also had a huge surplus of 230gr 45 ACP for only $14/box.

On that particular trip, I was lucky enough to find some 308 WIN as well for only $13/box -- of which I purchased everything they had.

It's nice to have choices in one's ammo needs. But not everybody has a selection of calibers to choose from when prices fluctuate wildly.

nj_larry said...

.380 is available from several sources. Check out

Stu Nod said...

Indeed Mr. Bane.

And you and Hackathorn were spot on in Episode 104. I really want to take some Suarez training this summer - I got the time & the money for the training class, BUT NO AMMO.

So I need to find 600 rounds of practice .40S&W by July or no class for me.

Mike M. said...

I've found ammo is available, but you have to order it and wait.