Monday, April 27, 2009

Yeechy-Poo Drive Home

So I get to the airport in Tulsa feeling pretty ragged out after three days of filming...I'm feeling worse and worse...body aches...fever rising...I'm thinking "flu-like" symptom, which really sucks with Captain Trips loose in Mexico and me walking unmasked through airports. The drive from DIA to the Secret Hidden Bunker was fever was up enough that I saw many fascinating hallucinations...mostly small grotesque animals jumping toward me off the side of the road...

I'm much better this AM...fever broke and the virus never went to my lungs, so I think I've dodged that bullet. I'm gonna spend the day resting and visit Mr. Doctor tomorrow.

Rastus, that flash/bang (actually a shotgun) in room 3 was cool! Several years back we did a similar thing for some SWAT excercises...the first guy through dropped his gun when it popped. Room 3


Hazcat said...

Ya know if the Sweetie gets sick yer butt ain't gonna be worth a plugged nickle!


Glas your feeling better. Take care!

nj_larry said...

Geeze, what about poor Alf?

Anonymous said...

Eh, eh, the older ya get the harder it hits ya. Ten- fifteen years ago ya wouldn't even know ya was sick. the mushroom

-Max said...

Digging the Captain Trips Ref.
Glad your feeling better.

Rastus said...

What about setting up an electric fence to simulate either a trap or exposed wiring? Sounds like fun to me....set up a scenario where you have to peer over or around a wall and have a propensity to lean on it and...ouch!!!! I mean, it's a viable thing....maybe set it up with liquid on the floor and one of those zapper thingeys like the wife has with about a bazillion volts arcing like the end of time...little lighter fluid on top maybe...just so you can find your way out, of course.

Anonymous said...


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