Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rob Haught on Shotguns... least you can still get ammo! This from Wilson Combat via AmmoLand
Berryville, AR - Have you been to your local sporting goods or gunshop lately? Have you tried to find 5.56 or 9mm ammunition? Likely it was a frustrating experience.

My local WalMart who normally has a fairly well stocked sporting goods section now has bare shelf space where once was a wide variety of ammunition. Management confirms that the warehouses are empty and that what little does come in is allocated to several stores in the region so everyone gets a little.

If WalMart, the nations largest ammo retailer is in this fix what does that say for the small Mom and Pop gunshops? The frenzy that is driving this shortage is not likely to get better in the near future either.

The one thing that is available however, at least at present is shotshells. The shotgun is one of the most neglected weapons in our arsenal of defensive firearms.

We think of the Carbine and Pistol as being more fun or sexy to shoot and tend to leave the scattergun at home when range time comes around. With the price of rifle ammo skyrocketing many shooters are forced to cut way back on their consumption. I was used to shooting a couple hundred rounds of 5.56 a week and now only shoot around fifty in carefully selected drills designed to get the most out of my training.

Many trainers are seeing attendance drop and classes not filling due to the rising costs and availability of ammo.

Rob Haught of Wilson Tactical
Back to the shotgun….., at least for now we should take the opportunity to stock up on training ammo and dust off the shotguns and get back up to speed on this very versatile tool.


Tim Covington said...

I took a look at ammo availability last week and purchased my first pump shotgun (Maverick 88). I have to say that I had a blast at the range with it. But, it is amazing how quickly I went through a case of clay pigeons. I will probably be doing more shotgun just because of ammo availability.

Anonymous said...

The Mom and Pop gunshops are the ones buying all the ammo from Wally World at Oh Dark Thirty.

Then they are putting it on their shelves and marking it up 5, 10, even 15 dollars a box.

I kid you not... I saw a box(brick) of Remington Golden Bullet .22's priced at $30 at the "mom and pop" gunstore. I turned right around and walked out.

I finally convinced my local Wally World to put a limit on how much people can buy. It is now 6 boxes.

Over in Missouri, all the Wally Worlds have a 2 box maximum.

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