Monday, December 21, 2009


A sign posted at Ft. Benning (originally from


alfsauve said...

Well that's just plain stupid.

George said...

It's more than stupid, it's scary...
I'm beginning to believe we are going to have another civil war in this country. And the next one will make the first look like children at play.

ron day said...

is the govermint trying for a 2012 melt down.
ron day

Anonymous said...

Hang on to your hats fellas...We ain't in Kansas any more...

Next little hiccup in the road will either be a Value Added Tax like they have in Canada and/or Europe.


Amnesty for illegal aliens in this country.

Be on the alert for even the slightest hint of when this administration tries to float a trial balloon.

I can see a whole new defacto group of legal citizens turned voters happening this summer.

That is the only way that the few Democrats up for re-election are going to be able to keep their seats come November.

Until then...keep your powder dry ;-)

Rastus said...

That sign was put in place by, no doubt, the local chapter of:


EJ said...

If by terrorist, you mean that the government fears me, then I guess I am.

George, check out a series of books by Matt Bracken, starting with "Enemies Foreign and Domestic".

What happens there is on the verge of happening in real life.


Anonymous said...

Very troubling.

The Army does not want guns on base
because it might lead to mass shootings, so it tightens the rules and makes mass shootings by terrorists on base more likely.


Anonymous said...

That was downright scary

Unknown said...

That is really dumb. Scary too.

Steve P said...

Wait....with all the recent games that congress is playing it won't take much to have them take up gun control and force all the dumb-ocrates to vote for it using Chicago style politics.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, my Army reserve girlfriend has to take classes online and get tested on material. Then she prints out a "certificate". All before she goes on her one weekend a month duty.

From what I gathered out of just one peek over her shoulder, there was at least one online class video that dealt with "how to spot a domestic terrorist?"

Thinking back on it now... I wish I was computer savy enough to have saved that whole video and then posted it to YouTube.