Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank GOT It's Friday...

Man, it has been a long week! I've been bustin' it to get the collateral material ready on the new shows we have in the pipeline — GUN STORIES, which picks up where TALES OF THE GUN left off; IT'S ALWAYS LOADED, which I'll get into later but that is going to change the whole ballgame...promise; BIG BORE CHRONICLES, the ultimate handgun hunting show! I figure we shattered all the paradigms first with SHOOTING GALLERY, then with THE BEST I'm going to break all the rules we created and cause my competition extreme heartburn. That's my favorite part of being in television...rolling out stuff that rattle the cages!

Am making Official Shooting Gallery Margaritas tonight, so I'll probably be watching repeats of Friends and thinking they're funny. When I got my colonoscopy I was awake the whole time. I asked they turn the television monitor toward me so I could see All Colon All The Time. The doctor asked me whether I was awake and what I saw...I told him it was more interesting than any episode of Friends I'd ever seen.

The Firearm Blog pulled off a cool catch today, finding the new S&W M&P .380. I'm surprised it took this long...the .380 sweepstakes has been running full bore for more than a year now. An M&P .380 makes all the sense in the world. I've got a Taurus .380 on the way...looking forward to it.


Unknown said...

Now to find the ammo.

Mathew Paust said...

Whatever anesthesia they gave me before the colonoscopy wore off just as the process was getting going. I woke to see the monitor, and thought for a moment I was watching an episode of House. I asked if that was me, and when the nurse said it was, I then understood what the pain was from. I still couldn't keep my eyes off the monitor, tho. Weird narcissism. Weird. Everybody said drinking the goop the day before would be the worst part. Uh uh. Thanks for bringing it back into focus for me, MB!

Looking forward to GUN STORIES. You considering selling DVDs of your series yet? Or are you, and I just haven't found them?

Hazcat said...

Sound like three great and interesting new shows! Who is doing the hand gun hunting?

Unfortunately I have business FIOS and the TV I get does not carry Outdoor (but they carry your competitor! >:( )

The Daily Gun Pictures and Hunting Blog said...

like your blog

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