Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Brian Aitken!

Please take this opportunity to call Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey and urge him to pardon Brian Aitken, an honest man jailed on a bogus gun charge (listen to last week's podcast for the detils). Gov. Christie has said he will take action on the pardon before Christmas.

You can reach Gov. Christie's office at  609-292-6000. Please be courteous and wish the Governor and his staff a Merry Christmas. I had a long conversation today with the Governor's secretary who said there were lots of calls coming in. Our job is to keep those calls coming in.

Do the right thing, Governor.


gunman42782 said...

Done. This is a travesty, and should never happen in a so-called "free country".

nj_larry said...

Called. Saw a video clip of Christie responding to a question about this. Thought he came across as a Gov. who will give this young man a fair evaluation at pardon. Let's pray for him and all the other political prisoners of the second amendment.

Anonymous said...

Done. This really could have happened to any of us, and is terrifying to think that in an instant your whole life could be washed away.

RVN11B said...

I am sorry but if this Governor had his head on straight there would be no need for us begging for this guy's release/pardon.

It should have been a done deal weeks ago.

I truely hate crap like this.

Unknown said...

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