Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Doctrine" on Potentially Armored Aggressors

Read the last post, especially the second comment on the alleged "armored" aggressor in the Aurora shooting. As you all know, the aggressor was only wearing "tacticool" wardrobe items — no soft or plate armor. What I have said on the podcast and what we will say on TBD is that when faced with an aggressor who appears to be armored, TAKE THE CENTER MASS SHOTS IMMEDIATELY. If the aggressor is armored, the center mass shots will at worst buy you some time for a more precise shot and at best either spin the aggressor or knock him/her to the ground, giving you clearer shots at the unarmored areas — side, hips, head, legs.

Remember, you are probably not fighting a Navy SEAL or a Force Recon Marine who can take the pounding of rounds slamming into armor and keep going. Likely the aggressor has never been shot or even shot at. I would go as far as saying after examining active shooter situations it is likely the aggressor has never even taken a punch. I fall back on that great Zen philosopher Mike Tyson who noted that, "Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face." Pain can be a massive distraction, and you are in a position to deliver the pain.

IMMEDIATELY transition to either a "failure drill" — the headshot — or some sort of mobility kill based on whatever targets are available. A mobility kill, a shot that knocks the aggressor to the ground  and removes his/her ability to move freely, still does not solve the problem! That problem is only solved when the aggressor cannot continue firing and the threat ceases.

If the aggressor is only "dressed for success" in contractor casual, it will become readily apparent by noting the spreading red stain.


nj_larry said...

The operative word here is PROBABLY.

Burned in my mind is the infamous (for a variety of reasons) FBI shootout in Florida. One of the perps was a former Army ranger. Also you can't rule out a dedicated jihadist showing up someday. Look at the Ft. Hood shooter. Again motivated, maybe shot up with drugs, maybe bloodied in some foreign land. Or maybe some stupid kid on PCP who is as close to immune from pain as you can get. Popping back up like one of those round bottomed dolls.

Point being, your advice of shoot until the threat is over is well taken. Oh and remember that even one shot more than needed will put you in legal jeopardy. Isn't America great?

Shawn said...

I believe it was the good Col. Jeff Copper who said that you should continue to fire until the anti social individual lies down and reconsiders their negative attitude.
I don't recall just which gun pundit said that every bullet that goes down range has a lawyer attached to it. But that just leads to the judged by 12 or carried by six choice.
I'm of the opinion that every day above ground is a good one, some are just better then others.

Scott in PA said...

I know the topic of conversation is a very serious one indeed - and I must apologize, but "The great Zen philosopher Mike Tyson" gave me the best laugh of the day!

Trent said...

I believe it's in kendo that they stress your enemy is a threat until their head is three feet removed from their body. I would really like to see a full blown (Massad Ayoob) style write up on the Tyler Texas shooting The fact the story of that guy saving an entire Walmart from a true armored thug never went big in the main stream media is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Tyler TX? Armored guy in a WalMart? To be honest, I think that is the first I have heard of it. I'll head off to google in a second. I'm still waiting on pics of that dreaded evil 100 round beta mag from the Aurora theater shooting.

Anonymous said...

Walmart shooter details please?

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