Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Continuing Crapification of Colorado

From the AP:

DENVER (AP) -- Authorities are hunting for suspects after shooting broke out during a massive marijuana celebration in Denver, leaving two people with gunshot wounds. The gunfire scattered thousands attending Saturday's 4/20 counterculture holiday, the first since Colorado legalized marijuana. 
 LOL! I've given this a lot of thought, and here's what I (and the late Shel Silverstein) think:

Now I ain't makin' no excuses for the many things I uses
Just to sweeten my relationships and brighten up my day
But when my earthly race is over and I'm ready for the clover
And they ask me how my life has been I guess I'll have to say

I was stoned and I missed it
I was stoned and I missed it
I was stoned and it rolled right by
I was stoned and I missed it
I was stoned and I missed it
I was stoned oh me oh my


DamDoc said...

In public, in a crowd, stoned and at awareness level white.... What could go wrong?! and this was AFTER the lesson of the Boston Marithon... this is the Darwin effect in all its glory.. now i know where the discriptor "dope" came from. a crowd of dopes....

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Legalized pot, crowd of hippies, officially condoned pot fest,authority only observing from the fringes, and rappers. Who could have seen this coming! regards, Alemaster

Tim Covington said...

As several friends of mine have put it:
The locusts first descended on California and the West Coast in the 1950s and 60s. Now that they've nearly destroyed those states, they are working on the rest of the western states.

nj larry said...

Come on now. How many gunfights happen in bars? A helluva lot more. Just say u dont like pot and leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

I don't like pot AND I don't like pot-smokers!

Life Member

DamDoc said...

there has never been a gun fight in any bar i have frequented... and anyway, whats the point of that? condition white while 3 sheets to the wind in public, in a crowd.. same question... what could go wrong? that IS the question

Doc said...

Funny how this never happens at a Tea Party Rally.

Anonymous said...

Not that is a grand conspiracy, but doesn't it seem like certain people in this country want the masses to have legalized pot and no guns? Get high and do nothing so people can tell/force you to go along with their programs, and the people just take another hit.

Jason M

thoricuncle said...

It was justifiable.

They were down to the last bag of doritos and he wouldn't share.

Overload in Colorado said...

I thought about two songs:
Afroman's Because I Got High.
and different song by Shel Silverstein: The Great Smoke Off