Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Getting Ready for Noveske...

…well, not really. Cleaned my Versa Max yesterday, rounded up choke tubes, shotgunny stuff like that. I was thinking of changing my rifle for the match, but yesterday I was talking to my friend and IDPA champion Tom Yost. who said, and I quote, "Good Lord, Michael! Have you lost your mind?" Scales lift from my eyes! Tom's right…I'm sticking with the Daniel Defense/Burris MTAC set-up I've been shooting for the last 2 seasons. On the handgun side, it'll be the STI Marauder 9mm, which has been just a super gun to shoot.

I know I said I was going to shoot Open, but I never could sustain a happy relationship with my Glock 34, the gun I was going to dot up. When I shot the Glock well, I shot it very well. But under match pressure I couldn't to "re-educate" my grip so that I didn't drag the slide enough to make the gun stumble. Totally me, not the Glock. I suppose I should have tried a shock collar.

I'm going to shooting a G19 w/RMR for the next couple of months, so I plan to revisit the whole Glock Open issue again.

Not such great news on Ye Olde Knee…I went to my orthopedist yesterday, who diagnosed a tear in the outer meniscus. Next week I'll get an MRI to see if they need to do arthroscopic surgery and duct tape it back together, although my orthopedist thought that would be pretty much necessary. Thanks to the greatly flawed miracle of cortisone and a nice, no doubt extremely hot, knee brace, I should be able to get through the match this weekend without ending up on the ground, flopping like beached catfish. I will definitely, however, be in the running for last place!


Anonymous said...

In the words of "Curly", the irascible character in the movie "City Slickers": "Happiness if just one thing".

You have too many things. So do most of us. Consequently, we find ourselves over-thinking everything and quite often, under-performing on many things.

My sage father, may he rest in peace, often said: "Master that, THEN move on".

I remember those words each time I find myself pondering which gun, or bow I will use for the next hunt. I harken back to the days when all I wanted was an "870", my vintage Winchester lever-gun and a Ruger .357 mag' Blackhawk. I flew through that phase as soon as I could afford it. Now, what do I reach for when I hunt? My old Winchester, my "870" and a Redhawk. I never stopped along the way to get the Blackhawk.

They feel right and I shoot them right. Anything else often feels foreign to me. So, I'm contemplating passing stuff down while I can still enjoy seeing someone else enjoy what I never got around to enjoy.

In the most humble and Respectful way,

Life Member

DDavis said...

Never got to wear a knee/elbow/back brace in the cold of winter.......the docs always picked the humid southern summer.

Michael Bane said...

Anon…you are so very right, but but but but but but…I'm glad I took the Scout to New Zealand…it was like hiking with an old friend. Sometimes I can't seem to find the balance between what I know and what i want to learn. Hell, I believe there are 1 or 2 guns somewhere that i haven't shot (they're both probably owned by Garry James, BTW)!

Oddly enough, if it all vanished except for my old Winchester 30-30, my .357 Blackhawk I had built as an homage to my father so many years ago, and my 870, I'd get by…

Thank you for your sage comment!