Tuesday, November 01, 2005

.45 Auto Rim Comes of Age

For all you .45 ACp revolver fanatics out there (and you know who you are) and for purchasers of the new S&W M22 fixed sight blue steel .45 ACP revolver, primo self-defense ammunition manufacturer Cor-Bon is doing a run of self-defense ammo in .45 AUTO RIM, the rimmed version of the .45 ACP cartridge.

Now, why is this cool?

The function of .45 ARs is to allow you to shoot a .45 ACP revolver without moon clips. The reason it's cool is that, IMHO, sometimes .45 ACPs in moon clips, especially clips that have seen hard use, hang up just the slightest bit, making the trigger pull feel a tiny bit jerky (to be sure, this is worse with some guns than others). For a .45 ACP revolver used for self-defense, I like the first cylinder-full to be .45 ARs, with all subsequent reloads .45 ACP in moon clips. This is the set-up I used to use when I was keeping the Ugliest Gun in the World next to my bed at night. I had .45 AR reloads (230-gr JHPs @ 750 fps) backed up by .45 ACP 230-gr JHPs in moon clips.

Now you can buy the ACPs and matching ARs from Cor-Bon, who make excellent ammo BTW. Thanks to Mike Shovel, the sales manager, for the heads-up!


Anonymous said...

You know, it's just not fair when you mention a specific gun -- The Ugliest Gun In The World, in this case -- and don't link it to a handy photo so the rest of us can see it.

In short, you need to sprinkle your blog with more gun pr0n -- even if it's Ugly, it's better than naught.

Anonymous said...

Per Leroy Thompson Corbon is coming out with PD ammo in 45 Auto Rim. I can not wait. Regards, Richard :D

Anonymous said...

A beautiful load for the 45 AR is a 250 grain LSWC on top of 6 grains of Unique in the S&W 1955 Target. Tack driver (for a revolver).ukrlrs

Anonymous said...

My dad's been making his own "auto rim" using thin washers around the base of the cartridges -- not sure whether or not he'll upgrade to the real thing.

Unknown said...

My "ugly Gun" tack driver revolver is a S&W 625. But I load the tack hammers to be 255 gr swc at 1100 FPS. then full moon with some 215 swc at 1050 fps. If that wont solve any dispute gram the howetzer!!!

BTW, I do not think a S&W is ugly... Some have commented that it is mean looking the way I have it set up.

Governor of Poker said...

.45 Auto Rim is a remarkable gun

Unknown said...

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