Thursday, November 10, 2005

All Is Illuminated!

From this week's Weekly World News, the only MSM that counts:
Aliens Settle in San Francisco!

Refugees call their new home "Little Mercury!"

Gov. Schwarzenegger invites alien refugees to find their hearts in San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO -- Last week the state legislature set aside a small section in the northern part of San Francisco for the exclusive use of a very special group.

"Aliens will be moving into 'Little Mercury' sometime next year," said a spokesperson for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. "It's gotten so hot on the first planet that the state is allowing a small colony of Mercurians to relocate to San Francisco.

"I hope my fellow Earthlings will welcome them, and trust that the governor knows what he's doing. He has had experience dealing with movie aliens. Hopefully, the Mercurians will be less predatory."
I hope the little bastards didn't bring any blasters!