Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nice Piece from John Lott

At National Review Online today. I especially like the quote from Bill O'Reilly, not the staunchest gun guy in the world:
But Bill O'Reilly probably said it best recently on the Fox News Channel when he noted: "Once I saw what happened in Hurricane Katrina, I said every American household should have a firearm. If there's a tremendous earthquake in San Francisco and looting, you don't want your family protected? You don't want a firearm in your house? You're living in the world of Oz."

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The Infozone said...

Lott's article is good. He points out that this referendum is really just an exercise to push a point.

The state laws override these kinds of local laws.

The problem with the win in this referendum is simple, those who see banning guns as a path to peace will use this point for years to come.

It is the same as they have done with the very discredited "Kellermann study" that claimed that a person who has a gun in the house is 42 times more likely to die by gun violence.

The anti-gun groups push hard on gun rights and "priviledges" as those rights are reduced to in Australia, Great Britain and Canada.

At there is a brief article on the differences between the pro and anti sides of the debate on the international side of the fight.

James Murray