Monday, November 14, 2005

Dear George...

This is a political rant worth reading, from GunGuy:
When Republicans lose control of the House and Senate in 2006, and possibly the White House in 2008, they may want to ponder the following:
▪ Campaign Finance Reform Act (McCain-Feingold).
▪ Kelo vs. New London (property confiscation by the State).
▪ Free prescription drugs for seniors.
▪ No new domestic oilfields (eg. ANWR).
▪ No Social Security reform.
▪ No income tax reform.
▪ The abnormal influence of “moderate Republicans” (ie. really Democrats) like Olympia Snowe and Lincoln Chafee on the conservative agenda.
▪ Supporting moderates like Arlen Specter in the Republican primaries, for fear of alienating them. Yeah, that worked well: Specter hasn’t exactly been a stalwart defender of the President’s agenda since, has he?
▪ Outrageous growth in government spending, in a Congress controlled by Republicans.
▪ Unchecked illegal immigration, and talk of “amnesty” for illegals.
▪ Harriet Miers. Did GWB really think that this blatant cronyism would fly? And if this choice was not cronyism, but an attempt to avoid a fight with Democrat senators, did GWB not realize that we conservatives want a showdown with these socialist scum?

Here’s the thing. Almost all of the above give conservatives a simple message: passivity.
Read the whole thing!


Anonymous said...

Say hello to President Hillery...

You didn't even mention the Farm Bill, The Transportation Bill, or the massive give-away to rebuild an entire city built on a flood plain.

All the hue and cry about getting rid of "pork" will fade and then disappear. Our congressmen are much too busy trying to buy their re-election to be bothered with scruples or principles.

When the Iraq war wasn't over in one hour (less time for commercials) we lost the support of the great unwashed American public. Now it has become too expensive and has gone on far too long.

--- end of rant---

Anonymous said...

In other words there has been nothing conservative about the Republicans. But there have been plenty of lies and corruption. This comes from the top down and Bush and his cronies are first in line. They were able to ride the wave of fear from 9/11 for only so long before their disgusting behavior caught up with them.

Michael Bane said...

Actually, Anonymous, I think you're wrong. The problem with Republicans is that they're not least, not in the libertarian sense. They remind me of country music (see Wednesday's post), hugely successful in its own right, but with a deep root core lusting for the across the board success of generic pop. Republicans want to be Democrats, the guys with their hands on the power switch, making the Big Decisions and steering the Ship of State. Except that's anathama to real conservatives. What we want is the government to LEAVE US THE F&%K ALONE! Instead of a "national debate on abortion," we need politicians to say choice is choice, best left to individuals. Instead of a national debate on guns...ditto...choice is choice, a decision left to individuals. The function of government is to protect individuals' rights. But the current crop of so-called conservatives want to DO SOMETHING, but the problem is any act of government intervention into individual decision-making is wrong...look at the sad and pathetic Terri Shiavo debacle, for instance.


Anonymous said...

Didn't that Gun Guy used to blog as Kim du Toit? Or am I wrong about that? Seems like the same style of writing.

Unknown said...

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