Wednesday, November 02, 2005

HOT NEW GUN — Ruger .44 Magnum Flattops!

As promised, for all you guys and guyettes with a deep abiding love of retro single action revolvers, by popular demand, this from our pals at Ruger:
Southport, CT – November 2, 2005 – Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to announce the return of what many shooters and collectors feel is the most handsome of all the Ruger single action revolvers, the .44 Magnum “flattop.” Originally introduced in 1956 when the powerful .44 Magnum cartridge was brand new, the Ruger .44 Magnum Blackhawk set new performance standards for the burgeoning sport of handgun hunting. With its massive chrome-molybdenum steel “flattop” frame and fluted cylinder, precision adjustable sights, and all coil-spring construction, it was a pure hunting handgun, combining power, precision, and elegance in a most pleasing form.


Following the success of the Ruger .357 50th Anniversary New Model Blackhawk in 2005, Sturm, Ruger is proud to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of its original .44 Magnum Blackhawk. The Ruger 50th Anniversary .44 Magnum New Model Blackhawk features the trim “flattop”-style cylinder frame with “micro”-style click adjustable rear sight, a fluted cylinder, and smaller, “XR-3”-style grip frame and checkered black panels with the original black Ruger grip medallions of the very first Ruger .44 Blackhawks. A 6 ½” blued steel barrel with a ramp front sight also gives this revolver the look of the original, while its patented Ruger New Model Blackhawk transfer bar and loading gate mechanisms give an unprecedented measure of security and convenience. The Ruger 50th Anniversary .44 Magnum New Model Blackhawk also has a gold color-filled barrel rollmark “50 YEARS OF .44 MAGNUM – 1956 TO 2006” to commemorate the introduction of the original .44 Magnum Blackhawk. New features include a patented reverse indexing pawl for easier loading and unloading and, to meet various state sales requirements, an unobtrusive internal lock under the right grip panel.

The Ruger 50th Anniversary .44 Magnum New Model Blackhawk comes in a special red case with a unique handsome lens label. A California-approved external locking device, comprehensive instruction manual, and a special commemorative booklet detailing the history of the .44 Magnum Blackhawk complete the package. This special 50th Anniversary .44 Magnum New Model Ruger Blackhawk will only be produced in limited quantities until the end of 2006.
I think the .44 Flattop is one of the most beautiful, most versatile and most "carryable" single actions ever made. The XR-3 gripframe, which mimics the Colt SAA, is perfect for most size hands, and I don't have to tell you all what a fan I am of the .44 Magnum (and .44 Special) cartridge. Yeah, I'd'a liked a 5-inch barrel, but then I'm a picky guy on this stuff. BTW, my orders are already in! Watch for a full review as soon as I can lay my hands on one!

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