Thursday, November 10, 2005

Happy Kristallnacht! Well, Yesterday...

Dave Kopel from the Independence Institute reminds us that November 9 is the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, when the city administration of New, that's not right...the city fathers of San Francisco...ooops...I mean, those spiritual soulmates of liberals everywhere, gen-u-wine German Nazis, taught those pesky Jews a lesson, the first of many.

And what event preceded the Kristallnacht Nazi rampage? Well, this will shock you to your core, but the Nazis confiscated their intended victims' guns! Read Stephen Halbrook's old article from AMERICAN RIFLEMAN.

But things will be so much better in San Fran now! Here's a fun look, from
Health Insurance costs are sure to go down. Working conditions will be much better - for criminals.

It is finally easier to identify the criminals. They're the ones with the guns. The victims are the ones lying in the pool of blood.

More good news. Most shootings will now be intentional.

Proposition H pitted two big players. The "No" side was supported heavily by the NRA. The "Yes" side was heavily supported by the Trauma Centers.

Guns are banned to all private citizens, except police officers. Citizens are still allowed to carry Super Soakers.

Note: All Super Soakers must sport a bright orange tip.

Given a choice between disarming a criminal and disarming legal gun owners - it's better to screw the gun owners. They tend to vote republican.

Prop H also changes the city motto to: Make Love Not War.

This is better than the old motto: Participate in cheap sex, not violence.
Happy Belated Kristallnacht! Hope you got your tree up in time!