Monday, November 14, 2005

Very Sad News

I received a note from Bill Wilson last night that our friend Larry Bullock of Buffer Technologies was killed in a a car accident Saturday afternoon on his way home from a business trip in South Africa.

Larry was instrumental in the creation and growth of practical pistol competition in the United States, both IPSC and IDPA. He was one of the first great match designers and directors, a great friend of the Second Amendment and a man of unquestioned honor.

He also cooked a mean barbecue.

When I felt USPSA had jumped the rail seven or eight years ago and ran for the top slot in that organization, Larry was one of my first and staunchest supporters. I know how proud and honored he was that the products he conceived and his company made were being used by our soldiers to stay safe.

Later, brother...


Anonymous said...

Sad news indeed. Larry was always interesting and a staunch supporter of shooting.


Anonymous said...

He was a man you could ride the river with!

Walt Rauch

Anonymous said...

I considered him a good friend, but more importantly I RESPECTED him for both his words and his deeds.

Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

Larry never let down a friend. When someone needed to speak up for what was right...he was there

Dave Crabill

Unknown said...

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