Saturday, November 12, 2005

As Soon as They Become Available iin Colorado...

This from Playboy, coutesy of the Carnival of Cordite, which you should be faithfully reading every week!

I'd be in line for the first one of these in Colorado, if for no other reason than to terrorize the the hand-wringing fraught-with-liberals community of Boulder!


Anonymous said...

There was going to be a plate here in Nevada that depicted a mushroom cloud to commemerate(sp?) our proud history of nuke testing, but whiny lefties put the kibosh on it.
I REALLY wanted one of those, damnit!

Anonymous said...

I think our motto ought to be "The shoot first, last, and several times in between state."


OXEN said...

Cool LP.

I'll have to go down to the drivers' license bureau and see if I can get one with a Glock on it!

Unknown said...

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