Wednesday, September 13, 2006


What was that bit on the Mickey Mouse Club about Wednesday: Something like..."today is the day that is filled with surprises; nobody knows what's gonna happen!"

Well, I know what happens on this Wednesday, I am set upon by...


Packs of sleazy, scheming morons who need to be hung by the neck until dead, dragged through the muddy streets of Deadwood and fed to Mr. Woo's pigs! RANT RANT SCREAM SCREAM...clowns to the left of me; jokers to the's a bleeding miracle I got through the day without strangling somebody. Actually, if I could have arranged a strangling through the phone or via e-mail, it would have been ALL OVER for the whole nasty pack of MORONS! Apparently, a brain bomb went off over America, and the IQ is plummeting!


Okay, I feel much better now!

The only thing that's cheered me up all day is "Air America," that bastion of liberal talk radio, going bankrupt. So, essentially, their talk radio imitates their ideas...There aren't even any good Paris Hilton stories.

Ah well, tomorrow is indeed another day, and how can I be crabby at a rodeo clown reunion in Oregon?

Good heavens! Let me count the ways!

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Not Available said...

Now now MB. Eat your cereal and be a good boy.